Tuesday, June 8, 2010


who took my newborn and replaced her with this little beauty? this baby?
sometime i can't get over how much she is changed already. getting cuter and cuter everyday. and heck, looking more and more like her dad-it is almost scary how much they look alike. i snapped a couple of quickies last night while she was in the bath. before daddy booted me outta stella and daddy time.
so, if you have been paying attention. i can't get over this birthmark in stella's eye. when i was editing these photos i noticed how obvious it is here so i cropped and blew it up so you can get another look at it. so weird! have you ever seen such a thing?!
and, i am totally freaked out by those freakie freakos that right click and save other peoples photos for there own personal use. so i may not always have time to watermark my photos, but most anytime they are sorta nakie you can bet i will go the length to do it.


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Wow, a birthmark in the eye? I think it's cool! Like the birthmark. I'm still working on perfecting mine. :)

Linkie Lueville said...

AHHHH! i can't wait until you guys are here! i just wanna eat those cheeks!

Alisha said...

She is a beauty for sure! How old is she again? I think the birthmark is kinda cool. I don't think I have ever seen one. What does your pedi say about it?

I have a TON of photos not watermarked on my daughters blog. I just never thought about it. It would take SO much to go back and edit and repost them, so I hope no one decides to save one ever. Scary!

Half Past A Freckle

melissa rohr said...

@lindsay, hello. i can't believe she is almost 3 months. and you are just going to meet her :(

@alisha, she is 11 weeks. her pied went hmm, that's interesting. so idk. lol! from what it looks like on line it is just a cluster of pigment. and since her eyes already look like they are turning brown i'm not sure it is here to stay.

Andrea said...

I think that I may have to start copyrighting mine as well. I have this habit of seeing only the good in people and hope that I am right. Stella is BEAUTIFUL, and I don't blame you one bit for wanting to protect her sweet innocence!

Anonymous said...

Half of one of my eyes is brown - the other parts are grey! :)