Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy first father's day.

happy first father's day to the most amazing man daddy i know!
there is nothing more perfect then the way you are with your daughter. i am so proud to be the other half of your parenting team.
if stella could talk, i bet she would tell you:
how much she loves when you make all her friends on the floor gym talk in different voices. how she LOVES bath time with you and the massage after. that watching tv snuggled up with you is at the top of her favorite thing to do list. how she loves to stare at you while you feed her a bottle. more recently that she loves 'mooing' with you. i bet without a doubt that she LOVES when you play her guitar and sing to her (i am so jealous!)
then there is the other two rugrats-even though they are not biologically yours you totally have their hearts. they appreciate you each in their own way, but oh do they appreciate you. zoe loves that you'll always make her dinner when i'm busy, and that you are always up for a trip to the park with her. rowan loves your trips to fredy's, but who couldn't tell that.
you are patient, loving, and kind. you make our world go round.
so, here is to you on your special day! we, all four of your crazy ladies look forward to many many more father's days to celebrate you and what you are to us.
we love love love you.
-m,s,z, and r

(happy father's day to all you other amazing daddies out there, you make the world go round.)


Teri said...

Tim, I thank you for bringing joy to "my babies" life. I have never seen her so happy. We love you like a son.
I love you for tending so dearly to my precious grandchildren. I am here for you through thick and thin. You have elected a hard road to travel and are doing an amazing job.
God Bless You.

Natalie said...

I couldn't agree more with Melissa. Tim you are one amazing dad! You've stepped up to a challenging role (one woman is hard enough- Lord knows) and from the outside looking in I've seen how happy you make those 4 ladies. Bless your heart and keep up the amazing work!

oh, and if you have any single man friends who are like you, please send them to Wisconsin (address disclosed upon request).

Yellow House said...

Aww. What a tribute! Happy Father's Day to your family. :)

Jess Craig said...

yay for dad's!

Jess Craig said...

oh, and i'll OBVIOUSLY be following you too. your family seems rad!

Lacey said...

That was super-dooper sweet, seriously!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

This was VERY sweet. I'd also like to make a request for a stella mustache everyday! :D

krissilugbill said...

aw, so sweet :) love the first photo, those mustaches make me laugh, and the second photo is beautiful!