Thursday, June 3, 2010

hehe with a side of awe shucks.

in all efforts of baby bloggy booking: stella laughed for the first time yesterday 6/2.
i was snuggling on the bed with her face to face (like she LOVES) and i was turning my head to the side and then coming back and going...ah, boo! and there is was. in all its yummy giggly baby belly goodness. her first laugh. i got one more half laugh right away and then nothing. i tried to catch tim on the phone real quick but he didn't answer and she was done.
startling was the ticket to get those good belly laughs from rowan too. and only on the changing table. have i mentioned that i think my changing table is magical? it is stella's 'happy place' if you will. she will smile and coo all day there if you let her. if she is crying...tim puts her there and it is like a light switch into happy baby mode!

and, while we're on the subject of stella and breastfeeding (ok, i guess i really hadn't mentioned THAT yet). can you believe this: 
(i promise this photo has not been altered in any way, that really is a deep freezer FULL to the brim with stella food.) that is at least 250 bags at about 5-6oz each and at this point i have no plans for it's use. hurry up milk bank and call me back, i am ready to donate!

and, gulp...i am so honored! has given me the 'honest scrap award' and now per the rules, i have to tell you ten random honest hopefully interesting things about myself and then pass it along to some good blogs :)

1. my night in shining armour/boyfriend/baby daddy/ future husband have the exact same birthday, the exact.
2. honestly, i shoot most of my photographs on auto. it hasn't really let me down...but i am finally trying to learn my camera.
3. i am totally a twi-tard.
4. the volume on any sort of media can not be on 13, any other number is fine.
5. i have a obsession with vintage stuff right now. my mom just gave me the yummiest vintage table cloth that clashes horribly with my couch on the other side of the space but i am using it anyway.
6. i can't believe i am the mother of an almost 1st grader. i am so proud.
7. i hate tea. barf, but i drink mother's milk tea anyway (with my breath held, nose plugged, and true college chug style) because i think it helps.
8. i am so seriously ADD. and i get overwhelmed with all my 'ideas'.
9. nine, nine, what to say for nine...i collect pez dispensers?
10. my kids and my man are my whole heart.

now, i nominate:

then, if you noticed (hopefully you didn't) i haven't done jillian michaels in a few days. fail.
i will get back on that exercise horse today though. i think.


CourtneyKeb said...

You're a pumping SOLDIER! haha I hated pumping, I felt like a cow!

and Jillian Michaels is a beast, but she'll whip you in to shape for sure. I've been doing her program too.

Congratulations on your award! :)

Natalie said...

Holy 'milk' cow! That's down right impressive.

melissa rohr said...

you know what's crazy though?! i only pump twice a day...the morning...and evening. and i store about 24oz a day.

Andrea said...

You lucky girl, you could actually take a break if you wanted to! Me, I was tied to the hip to both of my kiddos for the first year. My youngest just quit a couple of days ago. They just never could quite get the hang of a bottle. Or maybe they just didn't want to and I was sucker enough to believe that they WOULDN't...

Lacey said...

Thanks for the blog award and shout out! You've made my day, yet again! :)

Linkie Lueville said...

yo yo! i gots the internet-o again. annnnnd i can't wait to do my ten things! annnnnd i really can't believe that you made allll that milk! that's AMAZING! you should start making breast milk cheese! lol! alsooooo, i'm watching zoe tomorrow! YAY!

thats all. i'll post a bliggity blog about last weekend here soon. annnnnd another thing, i think i'm going to take the girls to craft warehouse and get some canvases. and then just let zoe have at em. should be epic.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Breast milk cheese:

AND: My freezer looks exactly like that. Well, maybe less though. We have some salmon and steak mixed in there. Pumping is awesome! *sarcasm*.

And: Yay for the laugh. I remember Ruari's first laugh. It was on our magical changing pad. The only place she's always happy. :)

melissa rohr said...

i know, my changing table is the happy place too! silly babies!


Oh my word, that is a lot of milk. I pumped like that with my first born because I was working.