Monday, June 7, 2010

help, i need somebody.

ok, so i just made the (somewhat researched) decision to start cloth diapering while we were at home. and, gulp...maybe on the go once i get used to it. stella is down from a 'shart' (if you will) every hour to a couple of poos a day now so i am feeling good about giving cloth diapering a go. plus, hello...those covers look so cute hanging on a close line.

but, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. so i need your advice and opinions. i know some of you mommies that visit our blog have to use cloth diapers so i want to hear your referral of brands and inserts and what all i need or should start with?!?! seriously i am totally clueless here and am already a little overwhelmed by all the things out there:
  • all in ones, do those not need cloth prefolds in them?
  • the covers that are handmade on with no pocket for the cloth diaper, do you just fold it inside without securing the cloth?
  • what about flushable inserts?
  • is there the ultimate website to buy from?
  • what about used covers?
  • handmade?
stella is still 100% breastfed, so along with that comes that yummy liquidy poo. so whatever is great for this.

i have looked at bumgenius and gdiapers. and i want to just get a couple of brands to try, but what do you suggest for inserts? a friend said just use those cheap cloth diapers we love for burpies and fold them in half. but, i don't want to spend a ton of money.

then, what is an honest practical amount to have of covers and inards? i am ok with washing them every other day if that will cut down on how many i need. how often do you change the covers?

then comes the hard part, convincing daddy. i think he'll be on board for the cloth 'save the planet' it'll cost less in the long run part. but it's the, 'hey babe, i need $150 to buy this cloth diapering kit' part that he is going to give me a hard time over.
anyone have any idea here? or genius key phrase i can use when convincing him?!

so help?


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH - I have new diapers on the way from fuzzibunz and was dreaming about a fun pic I could take and share, because half my family/friends would never believe I was actually DOING IT... ha! i'm a total newbie, and have two kiddos about to fire me if i don't get off here ASAP, but i promise to come back later tonight and see if we can put our heads together and ROCK THE CLOTH DIAPERING!!! =)
And yes, We're in OLYMPIA, near neighbors!!!
p.s. your motto, totally cracking me up... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


Hey girl! I'm here from Follow Me Back Tuesday, and I love your blog! I can't wait to read more!!! I use cloth diapers (CDs) and would be happy to answer any questions. Why don't you e-mail me:

Come visit my blog too; we are 4 ladies and a patient man as well. :)


Here are a few thoughts: all in ones take forever to dry, so I don't care for them. if you use covers and prefolds, you get more use and do less laundry. If a cover is used once and is not wet or dirty, you can use it again. With a pocket or an AIO, you have to wash it every single time you use it. You don't stuff an AIO; it's all sewn together. Go with snaps if you can afford it; it's so much easier when they're older because they can figure out how to undo the Velcro. I LOVE My Precious Baby covers. They are affordable and have fleece inside, which makes them great for night time. A lot of people have trouble finding night diapers because they leak, so you may want to use disposables at night. Okay, e-mail me if you want more guidance. :)

Devon F said...

I know this is a little late but I wanted to add my two cents. We've been exclusively cloth diapering our seven month old daughter since she was about six weeks old. So far our favorite diapers are Bum Genius pocket one size diapers. They fit her great when she was 8lbs and now that she is almost 16lbs. We find the double stuffing them makes them excellent over night diapers. We just started on solids last month and have experimented with flushable inserts. We found they work well but are not really necessary. My wife could spend hours on cloth diaper websites and her favorites are and Hope this helps.