Saturday, June 26, 2010

i am pretty sure rowan robbed jack of a bean.

rowan came home from church last week with a non descriptive cardboard cup full of dirt. no note. no paper. no nothing saying what it was or how to care for it.
when we got home i spilled it, and figured at that point nothing would come of it.
i told my mom and she laughed, 'yea it has begun. that is the go to craft for kids.' (or something like that).
so, tim watered it. and nothing.
more nothing.
then we left for the whole day and...

i am not kidding, when i say it grew like this over night. and, it grows about and inch a day. it must be about a foot and a half tall, and she brought this home a week and a half ago.
i am a little frightened. seriously, what is this thing?

don't you love me?
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MJ said...

Haha when you get the golen egg laying hen can I have some?

Linkie Lueville said...

LOL! DANG! you should see if the d40x has time laps. that would be AWESOME!