Tuesday, June 29, 2010

letter's to shelbypaige.

to a little butterfly in heaven, shelbypaige:
today it has been two years since you left us. i just noticed your birth announcement on the fridge, yup still there...it has even made two moves.
i remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. your mom and dad had been at our house earlier waiting around for the hospital to call with mama's induction time. later we came to her hospital room when things were just getting started to keep her entertained and bring her lolipops. finally, i headed home because they said it would still be awhile but i planned to be back with camera in hand. no later had we gotten home and i had just crawled into bed, your daddy called to say you were here and to get my butt there now. so off i went...
you were so perfect. all devine eight plus pounds of you. perfect.
i couldn't stop taking your picture the minute i saw you, i wanted to document every second and every inch of you for your mom and dad. they were so proud. your daddy was head over heals in love. i remember you latching right on to your mama and not letting go. i remember nana kissing your cheek with her pink lipstick and it not wanting to come off. i remember all the men gathering around you and mama for a photo. i remember your grandmas on the phone just gushing about how perfect you were and how the moment you came out you cried...looked at your daddy...and then reached out and grabbed on to his finger, tight.
my last day with you is even brighter in my heart. right away you spit up on me-i never knew a baby who spit up as much as you, sometimes it was quite hilarious depending on who you were drenching in it. then zoe pushed you round and round the driveway in your stroller...you loved it. at some point we were all on the porch, you and rowan both in travel swings enjoying the summer evening in the tri-cities. most importantly, i'll never forget your famous 'whatcha you talkin bout?' face you would give. you blessed me with one last one that night.
i'll be honest, sometimes i still burst into tears for you and my heart will just ache. you were such a special little girl and such a wonderful addition to our family. even during your short five months here you made such an impact on everyone around you. oh, those cheeks-how i wish i could pinch them one last time.
i miss seeing you in the pink wondrous sunsets of the tri-cities but i know your still there. i know rowan still sees you. not as often as before, but she knows your there.
thank you for every second with you.
until we meet again. save some hugs and kisses just for your auntie.
love you,
m, z, and r


Jess Craig said...

i'm sorry.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Oh, made me tear up again. Sweet photo.