Monday, June 21, 2010

miscellany monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
hello, miscellany monday where have you been all my life?
our weekends are always crazy, miscellaneous, and all over the map-so this is the perfect meme to bring me back down and get them out without posting 17 times in one day. (cause i am bloggy ocd and can't have my post topics touching).
we had an amazing father's day, even though the pnw poo pooed on our day. i think stel and i did tim's first daddy day some darn good justice!

one. divorce tomorrow.
that is really all you need to know. i couldn't be HAPPIER to close that chapter of my life. i can't believe it took as long as it did to get it over with though, hello-divorce is expensive! (they actually say divorce rates are technically down due to this fact. people just can't afford to do it right away.) ps, i am an open book about the whole thing-in case you were wondering.
on another note, stella is going to her grammy's house for 12 whole hours. that is 9 whole hours longer than i have ever left her before. that is 4 bottles (of breast milk) more in a row then she has ever had to take. that is most of her naps more that she will be taking somewhere other than her bassinet. can you tell i am freaking out a little? (i do however know that she will be in great hands, we couldn't be more thankful that grammy is taking her so that we don't have to torture her with 6+ hours in the car with her two crazy sisters)

two. herbs.
what's that, is my thumb turning green? tim cashed out some credit card points for a home depot gift card last week and this saturday we headed out for a typical day of errands hitting up home depot first. we had fun smelling the different herbs and picking which ones would work for us or what you can use them for. we ended up with three kinds of basil, oregano, and rosemary. yum. oh, and we got another house plant...a ficus!

three. father's day.
with saturday night's date night spilling over into a hangover sunday. daddy got to sleep in till about 11a (with the exception of the quick gobble of strawberry waffles for breakfast at 8am) when i came running in scrambling around trying to make it out the door to church.
later in the afternoon, my family came over for bbq'd hamburgers. it was a great visit!
wrapped up with some snuggling and watching shutter island.
stella gave daddy a home made card with a bunch of photos of us with mustaches and foot and hand prints.

four. zoe.
look up, and go vote for the cutest six year old ever. all the nitty gritty about how to cast your vote is up there in that post up there at the top :) or, here

five. the much requested, more mustache photos of stelly.

check out more over at lowercase letters.

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Anonymous said...


I came over from Carissa's. All the best for tomorrow. It must be a difficult day for you.

I love the pictures. Such lovely children :) It sounds like you had a lovely father's day.

Have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Dorcas said...

You've got some cuties there! Hope all goes well tomorrow!

Thanks for your randomness!



Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Yes! More mustache!