Sunday, June 20, 2010

the paper mama photo challenge: talented:

heck yes, it is paper mama photo challenge time! and i knew EXACTLY (well, between two) what photo i was entering for 'talented'.
this was taken at zoe's very first ballet recital back in december of 2007 when zoe was 3 (about 10 days away from 4) long ago!
she was the only one to do the routine, the other two kids just stood there. one with her dress over her head, lol. watching zoe was hands down the cutest thing i had ever seen.
this was such a proud moment for me. i was seriously balling while trying to video record it. she was so cute in her leo and skirt with her hair all curled like that (it is not fun thing curling a 3 year olds hair who happens to have the most sensitive hair follicles ever.)
i have this photo blown up huge, and i can honestly say it might be my ALL TIME favorite photo of zoe. there is just so much candid joy in this photo. i wish i could go back and hold onto these precious moments a little longer-i can't believe how fast she is growing or that she is a first grader now!

here is my second favorite photo from that day. can you see why it was hard to choose?
(photos courtesy of lindsay giberson)

The Paper Mama


Yellow House said...

I love her curls!!!

Linkie Lueville said...

ugh. what great times he had when we lived in the same town. :( can't wait till we live closer to each other again! photo excursions galore!

jill said...

oh wow, both these photos are amazing! your family is just beautiful! and according to your bucket list it looks like we may live in the same area of this big ole' country! so, i just wanted to say HI from a new follower. i look forward to reading more...

faith ann raider said...

SO cute!! You always have the greatest photos for the Paper Mama's Photo Challenges!! LOVE the top one - so cute!!