Saturday, June 5, 2010

the paper mama photo challenge:in the sun.

whoa, the highlight of my week...the papermama photo challenge! are you playing along? if not, go now and start! and even if you don't want to make an entry her blog (and baby) is super adorable and fun to stalk.
this weeks theme is 'in the sun', and i knew exactly what folder to head to and start searching through. the last time we were in the yummy warm socal sun! however it was hard for my to choose between two, but eventually decided what is more in the sun than this...
'shadow mommy and shadow zoe'
october of 2008-my mom, zoe, rowan (who had just broken her two top teeth through the day we left), and i loaded up a mini van and headed on an adventure that went something like this...sacramento, palm desert, LA, vegas, bay area. 
the whole point of the trip was for my mom to do a window treatment installation on a house in palm desert and we got to stay in the beautiful gated community home while we were there. this pic was taken in their unfinished backyard where it was hot hot hot and dry dry dry.
after the desert we hit up disneyland and newport beach, stayed one night and then headed off to vegas. if you gain only one tiny bit of wisdom from my blog, let it be this : you will not have very much fun if you take your small children to vegas. at least if you forget to pack the nanny. and someone at some point will offer your four year old porn. then end.
and because this was a awesomely fun trip (sans the ending, but we won't go into that) i have to share a couple more of my fav photos since a post about this trip was lost in the blog i accidentally deleted (but again, won't go into
The Paper Mama
(since it was close to halloween, disneyland was totally decked out for the holiday. even some of the characters were wearing halloween costumes. it was fun.)


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Oh man you are so quick! I don't even have the post up. :)

Hey, guess what:

R Montalban said...

I love the pumpkin picture particularly - fantastic

Unknown said...

OMG I love the beach shots WOW!

faith ann raider said...

LOVE those last two!!!!


AWESOME!!! We went to Disneyland a lot when we were kids. But now we live close to Disney World, so we'll have to plan a trip there soon.

Love the pumpkins!