Monday, June 14, 2010

part one: have i lost my bloggy groove already?

i'm not gonna lie. i had to drag myself over to the computer to start this. why is it so hard?
fifteen minutes ago when i was washing breastpump parts for the umpteenth time, i was actually dreading this 'blog catch up' more than washing parts-my least favorite thing to do. it's not because i don't want to share with you what we have been up to. i think i am just, blocked.

so here is my attempt, in all the things i promised you.
1. new possible motto: new rule: if you have a mustache* then stay off the playground. (*if you have a child in tow, you are excused from said rule)
2. stella's mini mini photo shoot by lindsay giberson. more to come!
she took this from atop her car (it's all we had tall enough to stand on), over on the side kind of behind her. i def want to try this again with a ladder and get right over the top of stella. it is something i have wanted to do since my rowan was little. 
3. we had zoe's graduation in the tri-cities this thursday. it was so cute! have you ever heard a group of kindergarteners try and sing? it is more like monotone loud talking.
then they all stood in a line and held up signs saying what they wanted to be when they grow up-zoe's said a veterinarian, but there was: a prince, a tattoo artist, a mom (awe!), dirt bike rider, and the rest wanted to be artists or teachers. haha.
4. when we started attending eastlake community church, my older sister had mentioned that matt hasselbeck (seattle seahawks quarter back) was a member and that she herself has seen him one time. i thought it was cool just to say he went there but had not yet seen him. then yesterday zoe literally ran into him and his family while we were leaving kids church. i was totally star struck! i didn't even realize when i looked up to say excuse me for zoe and he smiled at me. it was later when we were leaving that tim was like, 'that's him right there' and i was like, 'doh!'
it turns out that zoe is in kids church with his kids. however, this would all be a lot cooler if this was five years ago when he was still actually a good quarterback. lol.
zoe's dad didn't believe her when she told him what happened (he's a big fan).
5. currently, stella thinks it's HILARIOUS to have her mouth suctioned out with a bulb syringe. (we were having to do this to take out the extra drool, to help with the gaging while she was sick). she totally cracks up, which makes me want to keep doing it-but i don't want to dry her little mouth out. haha.


alliehallmarr said...

This is probably the most unique baby photo shoot picture I have ever seen, I love it so much! Can't wait to see more!

Agree with your motto, too. A month ago a convicted man was found hiding behind a dumpster watching kids play. He had tons of raw hot dogs in his pockets too...creepy!

Yellow House said...

I really like this picture! Can't wait to see the rest from the shoot.