Monday, June 14, 2010

part two: wrapping it all up.

i am armed with an orange julius, a recent snuggle with stella, and a desire to finish up last week and get started on the fun this one has to offer.

6. summer finally came to seattle, and you can bet that this outdoor loving family played in it (the sun that is) all day long.
we went to grasslawn park first, a zoe favorite. i am pretty sure spiderman had a hand in it's design with all the web like structures throughout the playground. we weren't even there 30 seconds when rowan (who refused the request to go potty before we left) had an accident. i was in the middle of a stage four melt down with zoe about having to leave (cause oh yea, this mama never remembers spare clothes. i mean come on i already have to remember all three kids) when this SUPER kind lady gave us a pair of undies and a skirt. it is so refreshing when you come in contact with people like that! i am going to make it a point to pay this act forward!
rowan was just having a bad day at the park, later she fell in a mud puddle and got stuck! and then, yea there's knocked out by a swing. poor girl. they had so much fun though!
later, after fountain soda, slurpees and a nap we headed to the pool. our apartments have a little 4x6 1 ft deep kiddie pool perfect for rowan so she chilled in there the whole time. taking turns with another adorable two year old bathing each other. weirdos.
and, to end the day. uncle sam came for a dinner of bbq'd burgers, sweet potatos fries, and milkshakes!
man, i love family time.
ok, are you ready? cause there is like one hundred and four photos to document said sun and fun...

we started off at 6:30am something making animal masks.
trying to find rowan at the park, most likely she'll be on the merry go round.
stelly hung out with daddy in the shade. what a goof.
spiderman's hammock. zoe had to wait for an adult to get off this before she could play. grrr, that is a touchy subject for me.
stella's first time on a big swing, she LOVED it.
doesn't every kid have to pose with the frog?
does this scream summer or what?!
LOVING the kiddie pool.

this years cute bathing suits!
cutest buns in seattle.

7. two more photos.
for some reason it is totally focused on her bib in both of these, i guess i couldn't see through the lens. oh, well. love them and her face anyway.
8. the week forcast: the bigs are at their dad's till the 22nd. that is also the day my divorce will finally be final. hallelujah! it is unusually quite around here.
we have tim's first father's day to look forward to. some eating breakfast in bed with the babe, church, hiking, photographing, picnicking, and cloud watching (i'm throwing that one in for me). we can't wait.
maybe the solstice parade, what do you think? are you yearning for photos of naked bike riders?
and prob some other awesom-e 'us' style stuff. stay tuned.
9. total random photo i pulled off my point and shoot, that has had a dead battery for the last 8 months.
last summer, while on what we like to call a 'fountain frolicking' trip. i look at tim and say, 'omg, BEST IDEA EVER! when we get home lets blow up the air matress, drink sparks, watch movies, and have an air matress in the living room party!' then he looked at me, smiled, and said, 'i love you.' and that my friends is why i love him and why we go together like lamb and tunafish.
don't you love finding lost/forgotten photos that totally make you all warm and fuzzy remembering that moment?
ok, i think that's it. now what day is it again?


CourtneyKeb said...

That blonde baby
and that yellow swimmy suit
and that cute little swimmin' booty.


alliehallmarr said...

Busy, busy, busy! Love all of these summer time pics :) Just yesterday my in-laws were bragging about the perfect weather you all were (finally!) getting. There is nothing like WA summers.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

The animal masks are awesome! Cute Stella feet! Cutie buns. Ruari has that yellow swimsuit. Can't wait for her to try it out. It's all for the photos! :) And, yay for the good weather. But, it's cold and cloudy here again.

krissilugbill said...

those photo's are all amazing! great job mom :) you captured the day...and it looks like lots of fun!