Friday, June 18, 2010

a photo a day (at the very least).

u have decided that you shouldn't suffer, at the hand of my bloggers block.
i don't know what the heck is wrong with me. is it that parenting has become so easy i have no struggles or insight to share? probably not. is it because the bigs are at their dad's and there is no hilarious barley english banter going on between me and my two year old? maybe. or is it just one of this things that we all go through? most likely.
so, i had totally linked up on the summer in photos dealy-o and i really want to try and at least keep up with that. yesterday i threw down our down mattress pad, some laundry baskets, and the babe for a quick photo shoot. i mean, hello. i never want to leave here-stella's room has the most amazing natural light ever.
i am having sorta a baby photo-graphing block too, we're kinda at that in between she's not a bendable infant but she isn't sitting up so how many different ways can i pose her limbo. any suggestions?
so, in all her squirmy efforts i have to revert back to 'when in doubt, swaddle' and broke out some fun stretchy materials i bought back when photographing my nephew.
then i lightroom'ed and photoshop'ed these babies with my new top secret gifted to me preset and had to clean out the lines and weird spots on the pad. and voila!
so if you're tired of looking at photos of this babe, then deal with it. cause she's cute :)
can you believe how brown her eyes have gotten all of the sudden?
(here is a month or so back)


Alisha said...

Oh wow! They have gotten brown! Love the photos.

Jumping Jack said...

Thanks for visiting Jumping Jack! Your little Stella is ADORABLE!