Friday, June 25, 2010

the post can't have a name till the van does.

(wow, i am feeling extra chatty today. what is this my 28th post?)
grunt, i am now the proud new owner of a mini-van. i mean hello, once i created yet another human...bringing the grand total up to a whopping three. i knew exactly where i was headed, mini van city.
every time we would travel ANYWHERE with all three (heck, even when it was just two) and all we heard was bicker bicker she's touching the baby bicker. we knew where we needed to head, mini van city.
when we thought of trying to do our favorite thing-camping. we started looking for a mini van.
so, here it is (yup, it's a ford windstar-not my first choice. i would have gone with a swagger wagon for reals. but it'll get er' done):
don't you like my clever idea of showing you that i have a 'mini' van, so mini in fact that it fit inside my very patient (crazy idea indulging) boyfriend's hand. who felt silly while we did this and then complained that he needed a hand massage now from holding it up for countless takes and versions of this idea.
haha, i love him. not to mention, just for the fact that he found, orchestrated, played sales man, and hard balled for this little beauty.
and, 'this little beauty' needs a name. stat. any suggestions?


Jess Craig said...

you could call it wacko jacko after the anniversary of michael jackson's death.

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

Ha! What a crack up your boyfriend is!
Great blog! Found you through Paper Mama!

MJ said...

Hmm it looks like a Winona...maybe that's just me? lol

Kelsey said...

Bwhaha! Love this! I want a swagger wagon too, but am stuck with something MUCH worse than yours... an inherited '95 Astro minivan. You know, like the ones plumbers and carpenters drive around...

Also, I vote for VANessa.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nothing wrong with a swagger wagon. I think you should call it Elroy. I don't know why. Growing up we had the Blue Goose, but that doesn't seem appropriate here. Red Robin? Red Betty? I don't know.