Saturday, June 19, 2010

summer bucket list.

you know, before the summer kicks the bucket and we're all sitting around wondering where it went and what, if at all we did anything aweosmely fun!
ok, i know a good idea when i see one. and this one is great! some fellow mommy bloggers like here and here have put up their 'summer bucket' list and have already started crossing things off! oh, man we are so behind. i blame it on this crappy pacific northwest weather we have been having (can you believe i had to turn on the heat in my car yesterday!)
if your a pnw'ster yourself and have some awesome ideas or secret day get aways...let me know!
trip to oregon coast
camping at lake kachess
hike with stella
hike with all three girls
stella's dedication at the beach
build a contest worthy sand castle
hike to lake ozette near forks (yes, from twilight)
fly kites in oceanshores
make homemade playdough
visit the seattle aquarium
have a garage sale
make coffee can ice cream
take an infant massage class
master cloth diapering (have yet to start for those wondering)
take photos at kerry park
walk green lake
buy ice cream from an ice cream truck
get a pedicure
date night with tim
cloud watch
make cookies
visit point defiance zoo
richmond beach
picnic point beach
have a fire at golden garden (w/ or w/o kids tbd)
take zoe to the locks
see an outdoor concert
play at a spray park
swim in the columbia
cliff jump at sun lakes
deception pass trip
go exploring at low tide at edmonds beach
ride a ferry for fun
actually attend play group
play in the fountain at seattle center, the kids...not me
family photos
jump planet
take the kids to the science center
see an imax movie (twilight, maybe?)
visit a farmers market
pick out yummy fruit at pikes place market
play miniature golf with zoe
write a real letter and mail it with a stamp and everything
have a living room movie party
get stella sleeping without a swaddle, any suggestions?
hike to a waterfall with rowan
have a water balloon fight. outside this time tim!
go to the solstice parade and watch the naked bike riders, eek
color with sidewalk chalk till the kids can't stand it anymore
make zoe's tie-dye peace sign tee
sew a bib
start on felt food xmas project
donate breast milk
start reading the bible for the second time since i was a teen, can anyone suggest a good website that guides you?
have a picnic
bbq at a park
build a fort
take a nap in a hammock

to be continued...


Joni said...

wow! I like this little list. I would love to follow along and create my own if you don't mind? Can I even borrow your picture title at the top?

Andrea said...

Inspired to do the same! Thanks!

Andrea said...

You are mentioned in my blog! Check out my own summer bucket list!

Andrea said...
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Yellow House said...

This is a terrific list! I am going to steal some of your ideas.

Anonymous said...

love it! you have some local gems listed.. my list might have to stretch to make room for some of these too! thanks for sharing!!

Delia said...

Oh my. I just thought of a summer bucket list too. I have already started making one.

Yours sounds much more adventurous though!

Great minds think alike. :)