Monday, June 7, 2010

to stella, eleven weeks.

my little stella j,                          
today you are another week into becoming a little woman. please stop that...the growing up part please.
you smile, coo and have laughed for me twice. in your sleep you make little puppy like noises that i could listen to all night.
i still remember your birth like it was yesterday, in all it's five hour whirlwindness.
daddy and i have conversations about our hopes for you. he hopes you'll skip the hannah montana phase and go straight to radiohead or johnny cash.
this weekend you met your grandpa rohr for the first time, and snuggled right in like you were old friends. another milestone was met when we left you in the nursery at church-i think it was harder for me than you and was delightfully surprised to come back to you taking a bottle from someone other than daddy, way to go little lady.
you still have that strange little brown 'birth mark' in your right, otherwise very blue sparkly eye. i think i see them already starting to change though. i hope there like daddy's yummy sunflower eyes. but i know either way they will be perfect.
sometimes i am still so surprised at what a good baby you are-sleeping through the night, going down without having to be rocked or bounced, and so much more.
i sit on pins and needles for every new discovery you make or milestone you reach, but at the same time hold on to each of these moments tighter and tighter. it is my experience that they slip by so fast.
we love you more and more each day.


Yellow House said...

She is so beautiful! I just love her big blue eyes. Your letter is wonderful. I too, shall hope she bypasses Hannah Montana :)


We have so much in common! I have a three-month-old as well, Brenna Skye.

Ditto on everything you said. I love the term "sunshine eyes"; what a vivid description.

Kristine said...

Hi! I am hopping over from Follow Me Back Tuesday! I am now following you.

See you soon! (c: