Wednesday, June 9, 2010

twenty six by twenty six.

(me circa two years ago. weirdo)

shoot, this is going to have to be a very attainable list of things...since i turn 26 in less that 5 months. here goes nothing:

1. conquer cloth diapering. and come out on the other end tearless.
2. find a job i like, not that i put up with.
3. cook a whole meal without tim's help.
4. organize my craft closet. like REALLY organize it.
5. learn how to use my camera on something other than auto.
6. actually take photos with new found skills.
7. continue to not eat candy. so far so good (started about a month ago)
8. ska-weeeeze back into my sevens. wait, screw that-i want them to fit like they used to!
9. still have a 100% breastfeed baby. even if she is getting it from a bottle.
10. get a table for my sewing machine...set it up...leave it out...and sew/craft at least once a month.
11. plant tomatoes on the patio. and maybe strawberries for next year.
12. hike with stella.
13. see TOOL for a third time. (this one might not happen, but i can dream right?)
14. get our passports, ugh...i heard five should cost around $1,000, awesome.
15. refinish our dresser. i hope tim will let me paint it robin's egg blue.
16. start a baby party play group
17. teach rowan her colors, i mean hello...everything is not really 'a blue one'
18. join the gym, and go regularly.
19. (finish this list)
20. get a stripper pole, yup...i said it. it is a really good workout!
21. make it to forks, and not feel embarrassed by the weird looks from tim when i pull out 'flat edward' (not unlike a flat stanley) and take pictures of him in front of stuff.
22. write a few real letters. not emails.
23. teach stella at least the 3-4 baby signs rowan was able to master. maybe more?!
24. still be blogging with the passion that i have now. i know it is easy to lose.
25. find us an affordable rental house.
26. take my handsome man on a drive trip to socal for our birthday, like we wanted to do this last year.

check out more over at, the paper mama.


Unknown said...

Haha, great list! I love #21.

Andrea said...

I have tried to do #16 so many times to no avail. Maybe I can join yours via Skype??? LOL!

CourtneyKeb said...

I'm a fan of robin's egg blue right now, so I hope your husband does let you paint it that color,
what a diverse and sweet list!
Go momma, go!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Love the list! Long comment time....

- I totally gave up on cloth diapering after thinking about trying it once. I use Nature Babycare.
- Yay to organizing! Me too.
- Yes, me to with the sevens.
- And, man... pumping is hard. But, it's good for babe. I've decided I'm stopping pumping at 10 months. I'm making a tattoo appointment. I know. But, I don't think I can pump longer than that.
- I love robin's egg blue. I want my room painted that color.
- Ditto on the play group.
- Love the Flat Edward.
- Good luck on baby signing.
- And, I do hope you keep up with your blog. I enjoy it!


alliehallmarr said...

Like the list! We accidentally wound up in Forks once (don't ask). Quite the town, that Forks....haha.

Oh Mandie said...

If I didn't live on the opposite side of the country and was terrified of flying in airplanes I'd totally go to Forks and take pictures with a Flat Edward with you!

Yellow House said...

I think a trip to Forks sounds lovely! I want a sewing table/room too. I have a feeling it's going to end up in the basement though, so I am in no rush... :)

Great list!