Friday, July 30, 2010

i think rice is a hit.

any reservations that had built up in my head about starting stella on solids at four months....just went right out the door. she was obviously ready.
she gobbles her whole bowl of rice+ squash or avocado and wants more. from day one not a drop was pushed back out, she caught on to what she was suppose to do immediately. other than the 'why are you feeding me poop?' faces she made when i tried to give her homemade rice, now that we are doing earth's best organic she LOVES it-she even tries to eat the bowl.
see for yourself,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

*throws hands up in defeat.

there is now a six and two year old sitting on the front porch-free to a good home.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wordless wednesday.

my poor nephew. he probably is going to dread coming over to my house when he figures out how out numbered he is.

check out more over at: wordless wednesday hq5 minutes for mom, 7 clown circus,  go graham go, and marvelous mommy.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

is the air matress ready? i am mostly not.

Stella is asleep in her crib. In her room. For the very first night ever.
Any bets on how long it takes me till I am asleep on the floor next to her crib?

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*update:she slept, is still sleeping great! i think tim getting up int he morning usually cut her sleep time short. the only thing is now i have to figure how to balance the hot and then cold in her room. any suggestions? is it better to be cold that hot and stuffy? right now she sleeping in a sleeveless sleep sack with the windows open. there is a fan going (for fresh air movement) for half the night.

the paper mama photo challenge:absolute favorite..

chelsey over at the papermama, is really minimally stressing me out with this weeks theme-absolute favorite. they are all my do i choose just one?! whine.
(*skims through 3,000 absolute favorites)
ok, i think i found it. well, really i would like to show you my fav of each of the three ladies, but this is def one of them!
that was the hardest decision    ever. 
for more hard decisions entries, check out the papermama.
The Paper Mama

cousins at play.

wow, are stella and her cousin vivian ever starting to look, cousin! i have decided that they have very similar mouths and are just really starting to look similar. what do you think? (i stole these off facebook, so the compression is pooey and the photos are all noisey-i can't wait till i have my hands on the originals!)

stella, four freaking months: the stats.

weight: 16lbs. and 1.5 oz (tim won the bet with a  guess of 16lb 2oz. i guessed 17lb even) putting her in the 95th percentile.
length: 26.25 inches. putting her in the 95th percentile.
head size 16.5 inches in the 75-90th percentile. 

a look at last months:
weight: 12lbs. and 14.5 oz (i won the bet with a guess of 13lbs.) putting her in the 90-95th percentile.
length: 23.5 inches. putting her in the 90th percentile.
head size 15.74 inches in the 75th percentile. 

with a difference of around 3lbs for weight and 3 inches for length.
the doctor predicts by looking at tim and my height compared to her rate of growth so far that she will be between 5'7"-5'9" right in between tim and i.
she says solids are a go go go if we'd like and actually recommended it as more of a 'play' activity for the next two months. we can feed her 1-3 times a day depending on what she prefers. however did recommend, that if i am going to make my own rice and oatmeal that i need to throw in some of the store bought flakes too-otherwise she will miss out on the iron and protein that she gets from the store bought kind. other that the 'cereal' side, loves that we are making our own baby food.
on stella's eye spot, she is going to just have to different colored eyes-which i think is the coolest thing ever! it is basically another birthmark (we have already found one on her side-she is like me, i have at least 4) and your eye is just like skin so it is just as possible for it show up there. the opposite eye is showing some different brown coloring in the grey as well.
i had asked about now being a good time to start moving her into her own crib-at this point she has never even taken a nap in there. the dr. said absolutely, that it was up to us but that it is now that kinda paves the way for her sleeping preferences for the next 2-3 years. no thanks, i don't really want a large toddler sleeping in my room. except for when the lights go out ;) 
also, on the sleeping note-we must stop swaddling stella-we will create  monster if we don't. which i am sure will go fine, because the last few night she has escaped right away and had not woken up at all-dr says this is because they lose that reflex to throw their arms out now. god, see how much i forget even after doing it already TWICE?!

not sure why i just shared this all...who knows, maybe  it'll answers something you were pondering or give a different insight on something.

i am speechless.

yesterday marked the day that we cashed in on the amazing opportunity you guys helped zoe win!
we headed out with sylvia cook @ sylvia cook photography to do zoe's casting call shoot. it went so great, zoe was an almost perfect little model (other than towards the end when you could tell she had hit the wall for patience). sylvia got some ah-mazing shots of my girl and i can't wait till they are available to purchase. here is a few of what sylvia has up on her blog, you can view the rest here.
all photos are the product of sylvia cook photography via sylvia cook potography blog.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


did you miss me? were you seriously confused when you came to your computer and there wasn't seventeen posts by me? oops, i forgot to tell you...we were going to went to sunlakes!
sunlakes, is a yearly favorite as we crash in on my aunts four week stay every year and pitch a tent in their spacious rv site for a weekend. they are right on park lake where basically we spend all day in a boat, or at least the water.
this year we headed over to banks lake (30 minutes away) to spend a day between laying on the black sandy beach and wakeboarding in the 75.5 degree water.
the usual were there-my aunt and uncle, some cousins, another uncle, family friends, and zoe's little friends all right around the same age as her. it is so fun and something we look forward to every year!
since i took 367 photos and edited about 83, i won't put them in one long post-so here is a slideshow for your enjoyment and a few of my favorites.
oh, and we left stell with grammy for two nights. it was crazy hard for me but it was good for her and she did great! it was not fun trying to figure out how to go half a day without nursing though, ouch.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

got it.

kinda sorta.

i still am not quick enough when trying to catch this little girl rolling over, but today i just happen to be near her with my phone and caught the very end of it. dammit phone for not loading your video camera faster!

she will be at her grammy's and with her aunt all weekend, so i am hoping aunt holly can catch it on their usb camera.
it is so funny to watch, she get so frustrated and then the second she is on her belly she is all smiles!
she was so mad at me-i kept rolling her back over trying to capture it and she would scream. poor girl!


so, if you have been reading my blog for awhile then you know that once upon a time i accidentally deleted our family blog. this was RIGHT after our hard drive had crashed and i had lost TONS of photos of rowan first born and zoe the early years. i   was   devastated, to say the least.
we even sent our hard drive all over trying to retrieve the photos. not to mention the fact that i had just, with one click-basically deleted rowan's baby book.
the photos being lost were worse.
(granted i had 90% printed, but still.)
so, today i am playing around on and see there is an option to upload and edit from your picasa albums. i had totally forgotten that one is automatically created to go with each blog you have-so i got on interested to see all the photo in there.
that is when i saw it...
there was an album for my old family blog. the one with the lost photos.
phone uploads from our trip to cali, zoe's drawings,
i am seriously giddy over the moon right now that i have those photos back.

my first stab at baby food.

just like cloth diapering, this is one determined mama. i vow to use minimal store bought baby food, making most of it all on my own.
as soon as we get the doctor go ahead next week we will be starting stella on solids. yes, this early-i have been getting a lot of flack over this and...i don't care. i started both girls this early and they did great, they picked it up very quickly and really helped them stay more satisfied. i think people are forgetting that my daughters were/are giant babies and need just a little extra at about this age. honestly, i think it really helped to start them before they got to that slappy really great with their hands stage-by then they were great eaters and it didn't get in the way of feeding time.
to start, i am making my own rice. i blended brown rice with some jasmine rice into a powder and cooked like normal. then stirred in a little breastmilk. this freezes great but can be rubbery upon defrosting i have heard.
then, after our sunday farmer's market haul i did three versions of yellow summer squash, avocados, and bananas. the squash, i just steamed for 8 minutes with a dash of nutmeg and then pureed with some breastmilk and froze in one ounce pieces. the avocado is super easy, you just mash and puree with breastmilk and freeze in the same fashion-i added the teeniest pinch of cumin...smells so good!
i think banana will come after some veggies, but can't wait for her to try that too-it was rowan's favorite.

stella, four freaking months.

*hold on, let me wipe my mommy my baby isn't a baby much longer alligator tears away.
ok, stella is four months old today! (also, happy 6 months today to miloh over @smonkyou and out friend ellie)

to stella at four months,
what can i say are the life of this household. you keep us on our toes constantly.
as of today, you laugh-like really really yummy belly laughs, you roll from both your tummy to you back and your back to your tummy, thus hate tummy time a whole lot less. you would stand up with us holding you all day if you could and would likely bounce yourself dizzy in the jumparoo if we'd allow it. you still sleep through the night, you have ever since 6 weeks. thank you...seriously. you are a master with your hands-you see what you want and you grab it. you have even learned how to manipulate things into your mouth. sophie is the new friend/teether of choice (i feel bad for elephant friend).
daddy is your absolute favorite, and you know what...i am totally ok with that. there is nothing like seeing you two together. the way you grab his beard and pull him in to snuggle his face. or the laughs that you save special for heart is bursting watching you two grow together-you as a daughter and him as a new father.
look at you now, you are a breastfeeding cloth diapered pro-you are done slash full in ten minutes and you even hold your legs and butt up for us now when we change you.
you have become a ham in front of the camera, i guess you have to be to roll with this crowd.
your sister's absolutely love you to pieces and are always wanting to hold and snuggle you.
next up we conquer solids. are you ready?
mommy and daddy love you to the stars and back. you make our world go round.
happy fours months baby!
-m and d

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

we have a roller-overer here.

let this be known, in all baby bloggy booking efforts that today july 21, 2010 a mere 24 hours before our little button turns four months old that we have a roller overer.
grunting, panting, and growling in frustration with the help of the blankies edge-stella rolled herself from her back to her belly and got that pesky arm free and out in front of her!
it is official!

fine. idcare.

someone did that just to spite me. didn't they?
unfollow me the day i get and post about one hundred followers. boo.

bah! *stomps and throws tantrum.

hey, i am a college student. sorta...

i took my placement tests last night and placed in english 101 (everyone has to take this) and math 98 (which is TOTALLY fine with me, since it has been 8+ years since anything math beyond 2+2 for me and i don't want to be overwhelmed)

today i had my advising slash registration appointment which went really well. i am taking,

Math 98 tuesdays and thursdays
English 101 online
HPRO (medical terminology) online

and, some lameo adult learners orientation for two days the week before the quarter starts.
i am also wait-listed for a digital photography class, i will learn my camera and wtf a shutterappaturefstop is.

so, when i got home today i got right on the phone with financial aid-i needed to find out where the heck my aid was and when i would be getting it (tuition is due august 11th!). the lady tells me (after i waited on hold for 23 minutes got hung up on and waited again for another 16 minutes) that since my file completion date was 4 days after the priority deadline that i would need to pay out of pocket and i would be reimbursed the first week in october. um, excuse me lady that is probably tired of sitting on the phone answering the same questions over and over all day...i do not have $1185 to hand over to you and then buy $400 worth of book two weeks later. unhappy face emoticon goes here.
so i am currently ripping hair out trying to make this work. i mean, whiiiine...i really want to go back to school!
the end, for now.

one hundred followers. heck yes.

woo-hoo, i have reached one hundred followers. where is my prize? totally kidding...
you must check out lyds was here. my trusty number 100 follower. her blog is SUPER cute!

and, in theme with one hundred, i am going to go ahead and race you yet again with my 100th post 100 things. you're welcome.

1. my name is melissa
2. rae
3. moran devine ????
4. i have three daughters, yes you read that right. t-h-r-e-e.
5. zoe first, she is my beautiful sensitive genius.
6. then came rowan, she is caution to the wind if i ever saw one and a total crack you up.
7. most recently stella, i'm still figuring her out so hold on...
8. i love tim. like totally for reals reach for the stars love him. we, all four of us would be totally lost without him.
9. i am, le sigh...25 and a whole half of a year old.
10. oh shit, did i mention that tim and i were born on the EXACT same day? seriously. when we moved to where we are now, this old lady at PUD called to tell me we made a mistake on our app and put the same dob for both of us. i told her, 'no joke, it was no mistake' she said, 'now that is a meant to be' duh.
11. so, last year on our bday i said, 'next year you turn 26 and i'll take one for the team and turn 24' aren't i nice?
12. i, we, us live in bothell. to stay or not to stay is currently the question.
13. my parents are rick and teri.
14. the sisters, one older one younger are katie and jennifer.
15. my parents have been patient, generous, and forgiving-i would have perished long ago without these things from them.
16. i went to cascade high. raw raw go bruins or whatever.
17. i was totally into highschool.
18. so naturally when i went to college after, i hated it.
19. i got married way to early, to possibly the most way wrong guy. ever.
20. that is over and done. thank god.
21. don't think for one second that i ashamed of the series of events that were my life circa 2002-2009. i am this-stronger, happier, braver, more independent, and fun loving person that i am.
22. so back to this college thing, fall 2010 will be 'melissa goes to college 2.0'
23. i have decided that i want to be a ultrasound techie-i want to look at cute babies with the xray wand thing.
24. then i can be tim's sugar mamma, with the 50,000+ i will be making to start.
25. i hate tea.
26. i used to lie and say i was allergic to things like mushrooms and onions. cause i hated them too.
27. mmmm, spicy food.
28. i used to hate beer. tim said, learn to like it or get lost. omg, totally kidding...well kinda.
29. i heart blogging.
30. this is my all time fav. website:
31. we've starting talking about the possibility of maybe starting to talk about buying a house.
32. their, they're, there are all different words with different meaning. learn it.
33. my body temp runs around 100 F as a normal thing.
34. i photograph.
35. i am done being a nanny. not even if it's the last job on the planet and it is up to me and a nanny job to restart humanity.
36. i maybe have watched 'the day after tomorrow' 143,921 times. and no mom, this time there is no subtracting or dividing to find the unembellished number. i have seen it a lot.
37. on that note, i can recite the entire movie bring it on. thus, tim won't watch it with me.
38. i am a scorpio, and everything that comes along with that. i might even bite.
39. omg omg omg. the twilight series is like omg quite possibly like my fav. ever.
40. whenever i read the books, it makes me think i am a vampire. gives tim a good laugh-or some gnarly neck bite marks. but that's neither here nor there.
41. tim is not letting me be so bad with money anymore. thank god.
42. i photograph with a nikon d40x. oh lordy if i only had a more 'pro' version in my hands.
43. i heart photoshop
44. and photoshop actions and textures. so fun.
45. i am a seahawks fair-weather fan. get it together guys!
46. i have always wanted to live where the sky is the biggest.
47. my niece shelby died when she was only five months old. she took a little piece of my heart with her.
48. i don't cook. unless it is chili or fajita melts for tim. tim, he's the cook around here.
49. concert going is my fav. me and tim activity.
50. i have lived in brier, everett, bellingham, tricities, federal way, kent, tricities, camano island, everett, bothell.
51. my first reeeeaaal job, was art room coordinator for the south everett boys and girls club.
52. i have six tattoos.
53. my most fav is the cupcake on my inner bicep that lindsay got me for my 24th bday. yum.
54. tool is my fav band, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of maynard's voice. well, maye tim's...but have you ever tried to get that guy to sing/play for you. hard.
55. oh! i was a total band nerd. i played the flute, and no i never tried would have hurt A LOT.
56. i went to whatcom community college for like a second. played indoor soccer.
57. while i was a student i worked at mcd's and made what is now my best friend of all time.
58. i was a raver once upon a time. beads and all. totally over that.
59. eeeeeeeeerrr aaahhhh, *fifty ninth question stretch.
60. i have the best cousins.
61. and aunts.
62. and uncles.
63. and all nine of my nieces and nephews. long story...
64. i am a reality tv junkie. kardashians, kendra, the hills (although fake), real world...i watch it all. it's like cookies are to cookie monster. numm...numm...numm.
65. i don't wear make up. i can't really pull it off.
66. that bitchy, uninterested look you'll get when you first meet me-is just my nervous look. i apologize for that in advance.
67. 'the perks of being a wallflower' used to be my all time fav. book. it is because of it that jonathan is my best friend. i am not even kidding. it kick started our friendship 8 years ago.
68. i spoil my daughters rotten, just to sit back and watch their enjoyment.
69. i avoid capital letters.
70. i like things random and questionable.
71. i love breastfeeding.
72. on that note. ugh, one of my boobs is bigger than the other now-at least a whole size.
73. the rules usually don't apply to me.
74. when we're talking of numbers my mom says, 'you either need to divide or multiply by 10 to find the real number' when it comes to me.
75. i always think best case scenario.
76. i order stiff drinks and pass the bottom half off to my friends or boyfriend.
78. i'd like to think that your lucky to have me.
79. i love passion tea. i have one every day.
80. i'm always embarrassed for someone else. 
81. i like watching movies by myself so that i can fast forward through scary or uncomfortable parts. i don't think i have watched a movie in a while that i haven't skipped through at least a little bit.
82. i am stubborn as hell.
83. my gut feeling is always right. but do i ever listen to it? rarely.
84. i am addicted to facebook. and blogger. and photoshop. and lightroom. and...
85. my aura is green.
86. i have not great credit. sad.
87. i like plans. 
88. i tried to be mormon once or twice in highschool.
89. i have seasonal depression. autumn and winter used to cure i think i like summer and spring better?
90. new purses make me happy.
91. i'd like to think that i am crafty.
92. target is a dangerous place to send me without a list and money covering only said list. it's is easily my most fav. store.
93. i like crappy music sometimes. it deserves the love too.
94. i don't usually agree with less is more.
95. sometimes it is ok for mature, well mannered, sophisticated women to say fuck. so i do, a lot. i'm trying to stop.
96. i am always ready for bed. literally cause i am tired and also because i wear my jammies most of the day.
97. once upon a time i had braces. lame.
98. i drive a 1990 nissan maxima.
99. family time is most serene.
100. i am perfectly satisfied.

wordless wednesday.

i turn away for two seconds and she is across the room. we affectionately call her scoot now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

i heart faces challenge week twenty-nine: over my head.

who are we kidding, there was no way that last one was going to be my last post! especially with a i heart faces challenge and ellie coming over for a baby party.
also, can we say over use of photos from this impromptu photoshoot? what can i say, i run with what i like.
over her head.

last post today (maybe):me luh sophie.

or, should i title this: maybe, i am glad i spent $20+shipping on a rubber toy?

in case you and sophie have never met, she is amazing! she is a european certified toy (means she had to meet some really strict specifications), made of a all natural rubber material, her paint is natural and food based, she has an adorable face, and a totally pleasant squeak.
stella hasn't put her down since we got her a few days ago, she even screams for her when she drops. whoops, weren't we trying to avoid this with not giving her a paci?
every part of that little giraffe fits into stella's sore early stages of teething mouth and seriously relives some of the pain she is having.
stella's favorite part is when sophie speaks french to her (ok, i am the one speaking it. but still) she giggles and smiles for more. sucks that i only know french words, and have totally forgotten what order to put them in, haha. our fav phrase is, 'j'taime mon petite chou chou.' which means i love you my little cabbage cabbage-i know, cabbage twice...i think it sounds yummier.

tim sang her some mean song about an ugly slutty mom is spanish and she thought that was equally delightful. it looks like mommy and daddy are going to have to brush up on their high school foreign language skills! but tim is really going to have to learn a new song :(

hold the phone.

yes mom a post about cloth diapers :) i   am   obsessed, i think.
some two odd hours ago, i had laid stella down for her first nap and was about to get on and tell you how much i was really liking using some prefolds i purchased as inserts with my flip diaper.
then life, meal planning, pie making sort of stuff happened. 
just now she woke up, and was a total mess! so here is how i feel about prefolds. eff you prefolds...well, at least on their own and at least the ones i bought (which just could be a kind that doesn't work for us-reg unbleached infant size from a local birth/diaper store-with sides folded under into thirds)
but, and this is an important but-i did really like the results last night when i doubled it on top of my fleece/micro fiber insert in a flip diaper.
so, as of yesterday i crossed cloth diapering conquering off my bucket list: master cloth diapering (have yet to start for those wondering). i really feel that stella i are there, total comfort in this new adventure. still learning/ have a lot to learn but taking it all in with an upbeat open mind.
at this point i have a total of 15 diapers (6 cover/insert systems, 3 aio, 2 fitteds, 4 pockets), 14 inserts, and 3 prefolds. i like my bum genius and fuzzibunz the best, but will def not knock the convenience of the flip system. pockets are great, but it seems like you go though it a lot faster than cover+insert. dreameaze and that other random designer brand that i have can suck it, there price is not worth the quality.
leaks have been at a minimal and only when she is sleeping or once with a HUGE blowout that went sideways, but we won't get into the details.
next in my shopping cart is the bumgenius 4.0, i can't wait for snaps! i am also hosting a diaper party the middle of august and hope to get to try out some diff brands that might work for us.
tim, i think has changed two cloth diapers. he just isn't into it. any suggestions how to get dad on board?
i knew i wanted to give cloth diapering a good college try but i am seriously surprised how much fun i am having! it was a super easy transition and i am even easing up on my i need to wash everyday cause the thought of poo just sitting in them freaks me out issues.
next up, todays project: homemade cloth wipes and solution!

who knew. i can bake!

well, i didn't really bake anything-but check it.
i made a pie!
it was pretty easy too, i am pretty dang proud of this beauty.

it is-blackberries (fresh from the farmers market), lavender, cool whip, cream cheese, raspberry jello powder, and some sort of syrup.

1. you cheat like me and get yourself a pre-made graham pie crust.
2. you soften 4 oz of cream cheese, and stir in 1/3 a cup of sugar. then fold in 2 cups of cool-whip.
3. spoon cream cheese/cool whip mixture into the bottom of pie crust (i didn't need all the mixture for a pre made crust, but you might for a homemade). next, i added about a pint and a half of the largest, juiciest, yummiest blackberries ever-tim say's pile them high! put in fridge to chill.
4. boil 3/4 cup of water add 3/4 cup of sugar and boil for two minutes.
5. in the mean time get ready 8 teaspoons (1/6 c.) of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons (1/8 c.) of cold water.
6. when two minutes is up, reduce heat and stir in cornstarch and water. continue to stir till it becomes thick and more clear. remove from heat and add 2 tablespoons of jello powder. stir.
7. totally optional, add a few sprinkles of fresh lavender to the syrup.
8. drizzle syrup over chilled pie crust/blackberries/cool whip mixture. and chill again.

9. ta-da, enjoy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'll take a side of #bestweekendever with some sushi please.

one, yes my blogity blog has changed it up a little. new header, new name, same old banter though. i, like for reals fell in love with this really cool morph that papermama did to that photo of stelly and was thinking about how we always say, 'hi, baby' over and over to stel to get her to smile...and then voila, the new blog was born. we're still 4 ladies and a man who is ready to pack it up and run away we are so crazy (still with lots of too many carseats-we're just not saying that anymore.) but with a whole new look.
two, i just had the best weekend ever. and the best part was, it was totally simple and laid back.
we went to the bite of seattle last night and grubbed on fried macaroni, fish tacos, curly fries, mango lemonade, fish and chips, and the grand elephant ear.
it was crazy busy there, more so that i can ever remember before. i did a total ding dong move and forgot my camera in the midst of trying to carry light. thank god for camera phones! haha, we even got to see a pretty nasty chick fight. there were limbs, chapsticks, and phones flying everywhere and the best part was the scatter when the cops showed up.
today we slept in. ack, i feel awful for missing church for a second week in a row but we REALLY needed the extra sleep and it sure felt great. when we finally pulled ourselves together we headed to the fremont street fair in hopes of finding some vintage baby clothes-grr, no luck! we did pass a bowl of used rings and tim said if i found one in there we would call it good and be officially engaged-i almost sprinted back to the bowl. everything was really cheapo though and i wasn't willing to sell it short. i guess well have to wait and see what happens now...
then thank you to sam (tim's bro)'s GREAT idea of sushi for lunch-we headed to blue c sushi a belt chain in the area. um, so good! i had two plates of california rolls, two. lunch was followed by a black and white mocha from peet's...yum.
next stop was the ballard farmers market-we needed some yummy organic haul for me to start making baby foods for stell. total score, we got snow peas, squash/zucchini, mint (for mojitos of course), blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, nuts, garlic, rhubarb, and some flowers.
we checked out a couple of cute little shops, ate a honey stick, and then headed home.
now for some bbq'd hamburgers on fresh chibatta bread and movie snuggle fest and we'll call it a night.
yup, great weekend.
the end.
(yea, for 3.2 mega pixel camera photos!)

oh em gee, total ps-stella is rolling over almost rolling over! she gets all the way to her belly but can't quite pull that little chubby arm out. tim says we can't call it rolling over quite yet-but let it be documented today that um, she pretty much did. i bet it'll be any day that she will get it! i can't believe how fast this time has gone by, she will be four months on thursday. i am a equal parts sad and happy mama.