Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bah! *stomps and throws tantrum.

hey, i am a college student. sorta...

i took my placement tests last night and placed in english 101 (everyone has to take this) and math 98 (which is TOTALLY fine with me, since it has been 8+ years since anything math beyond 2+2 for me and i don't want to be overwhelmed)

today i had my advising slash registration appointment which went really well. i am taking,

Math 98 tuesdays and thursdays
English 101 online
HPRO (medical terminology) online

and, some lameo adult learners orientation for two days the week before the quarter starts.
i am also wait-listed for a digital photography class, i will learn my camera and wtf a shutterappaturefstop is.

so, when i got home today i got right on the phone with financial aid-i needed to find out where the heck my aid was and when i would be getting it (tuition is due august 11th!). the lady tells me (after i waited on hold for 23 minutes got hung up on and waited again for another 16 minutes) that since my file completion date was 4 days after the priority deadline that i would need to pay out of pocket and i would be reimbursed the first week in october. um, excuse me lady that is probably tired of sitting on the phone answering the same questions over and over all day...i do not have $1185 to hand over to you and then buy $400 worth of book two weeks later. unhappy face emoticon goes here.
so i am currently ripping hair out trying to make this work. i mean, whiiiine...i really want to go back to school!
the end, for now.


Jess Craig said...

seriously, if i were a millionaire i would totally pay for this for you. not that it helps you now... but, just sayin'...

maybe you could borrow some money from someone? like, donald trump?

lydia. said...

oh, goodness!
i hope this works itself out, and soon.
i'm sending you lots of good vibes.

Renee said...

I hope everything works out for you!! I will be taking the same journey back to school next fall hopefully!!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Meh, I do NOT miss school. I went to Bellevue for my design. Their financial aid workers were the MOST unhappy peeps ever.