Monday, July 5, 2010

cloth diapering: day one and some other dribble drabble.

well, i'm liking it. i don't think stella does though.
she was super fussy all day, and i was scratching my head wondering why until the light clicked on-i remembered people telling me about potty training and how they REALLY feel wet so it helps them out of diapers faster. that must be what is going on...she is feeling really wet and hates it.
she would fuss fuss fuss, till i changed her. i normally change her about every three hours (when she eats) but i guess i will have to up it to every two.
her little toosh looks so cute in her new diapers though!
it is going to be trial and error on the washing of the poo off the diapers pre-pail. any suggestions? i will eventually get a sprayer but i want to again wait to invest in that before i am sure. and do the stains wash out when you launder them?
anyway, over all good first day. no leaks! and we had a ton of poo. she went through two flip covers, one flip insert and two diapershops inserts, one cutey baby aio, and is now asleep in a bumgenius pocket with an extra soaker pad.
this weekend at a garage sale i scored three super cute designer fitteds that retail for $30-$50 for $8-$10. i can't believe what they cost new, that is nuts! we'll see how much i like using fitted though-the diapers are so cute and it already bums me out to think about covering them. i also scored a ton of biodegradable liners to try out too.
(told you they were cute)

onto our fourth, it was crazy loud busy strange fun exhausting colorful yummy all rolled into one. my mom's friend showed us how to take cool firework photos on my camera and i talked to his wife (who is a naturopath, sp?) about making an appointment for rowan and getting her on a herbal regimen to chill the heck out. we got to light off the two hundred dollars worth of fireworks we bought the day before. and zoe took a riding lesson on a  pony named copper. oh, and rowan took naps in a crib.

we will so be playing with this new found camera trick for a few night now with all the sparklers i hid away so the kids wouldn't see them and want to light them with all our left over sparklers.

*so, little edit to this post here-to get these sparkler photos here is what we did: i have a nikon d40 so the settining smight be a little dif for another camera but should work for all dslr's. in manual mode i turned that little knob in the right hand corner (i am camera stupid and can't remember if that's for the appature or the shutter) till the menu said 'bulb' oh and you MUST have a tripod and it really helps if you have a remote for your camera (all of this is to avoid bumping the camera in anyway). anyway, what this setting does is...when you first hit the shutter button it opens and then doesn't close till you hit it again. lol, does that make sense?! i think linkie lueville should do this for a tip tuesday, because you don't need sparklers. you can do it with a bright flash light too!


Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

Oh ya, that sparkler trick is AWESOME!!

Teri said...

OK lets be clear. I had ugly white cloth , pins that sometimes had a semicute duck or bunny on them and crackly, yellowing plastic, yes plastic pants that sometimes caused red welts on little fat legs.

janineb said...

we cloth diaper as well, and every 2 hours is definitely pretty standard. enjoy the new found cute bubble butt. its addicting!

Mama Bennie said...

Cloth diapers are pretty wonderful if you stick with them :) I have 2 little ones in diapers right now, and my 2 year old is allergic to sposies. She would get a rash all the way up to her poor little baby boobies in a sposie diaper. You do have to change them more often than you would with sposies though, especially if there is a heavy wetting issue.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Ok, I totally wanted to do that with our sparklers, but couldn't figure it out. Probably because my little cheap camera can't do it. Who knows...

I asked Mike if he was interested in investing in some cloth diapers... he said maybe. Maybe I'll buy one just to try it. They are cute!

krissilugbill said...

glad you are liking your cloth diapers! Lila uses them too, she uses bum genius kind and they are working well. there are not stripped ones though, how cute! really like that one! they save soooo much money and they work really well!

Love your sparkler photos! how cool! i really wanna try that now!

Stormy Seaworthy said...

Thank you for sharing your tricks. I'm really into photography and I dislike when I find a beautiful pictures (like your blog pictures) and not be privy to the secrets! Also, photoshop secrets! I eat up that knowledge like candy!
I have a Nikon D40, tripod, and a remote so I will try this. I'm guessing you put it on "S" for shutter speed and slowed down the shutter speed. Or you maybe have had it on A and had it on a low aperture to make it wide and let more light in. I have yet to try those tricks but seeing your lovely work I must soon.
These are so awesome!!!!! I love your blog so much.

Stormy Seaworthy said...

In my excitement I didn't answer your question up top. I use a diaper sprayer and couldn't live without it. I have the bumgenius sprayer. Some poo just rolls off supposedly and so many people find they never use theirs but that isn't the case for us. I have to have sprayer for his. He doesn't eat a lot of solids yet even though he's 8 months. He still is mostly breastfed so that might have a lot to do with it.

Lynda said...

With cloth diapers, you definitely need to change more often! Sometimes you might be able to get away with two hours, but usually I try to change them as SOON as they get wet (and of course, the moment they poop).

Your diapers are beautiful!

Oh, and I LOVE writing with sparklers! Great photos!