Wednesday, July 7, 2010

cloth diapering: day three. laundry help?

first just let me say how amazing all you cloth diapering moms stopping by, have been! you have given me so many helpful tips to keep me feeling confident in this new adventure.
so, that being said...i am so torn on the whole laundry soap situation. in a panic to buy SOMETHING just so i could start washing these stinky diapers i picked up earth's best baby soap at babies r us-i choose this because of how it was totally natural and seemed to have no bad enzymes.
then i got home and googled if it was ok and found this site that broke them all down, and said this choice was fine, like next to the best you can choose. then i googled it again and found this almost exact type of list that said 'no way!' on my soap. eek, what to do?
on another note, things are going great! i even ventured out to play group today with cloth. i think i was so preoccupied getting ready that i didn't even notice that, that is what i got ready in the diaper bag!
we have only had a couple of minor leaks, mostly due to the fact that i am still getting used to having to change her more often.
however, she is still 100% breastfed and has exploding liquid sharts still (sorry i had to say it) and they tend to leak out at least to the cover every time. any suggestions? is it bad that i am somewhat looking forward to solids and a little thicker poo?
we tried a gdiaper today for the first time, and they worked really good for her! other than again, with the poo and having to change insert annnd plastic liner every change.
oh, and slap my hand i can't stand the diapers sitting in the pail so i have been washing them more than i probably need to. i hope i get over that.
now, that i have tried it for a few days i am really loving the bumgenius and plan on ordering a few more pocket one sizes. in the new 4.0 of course :)
final question, what is your fav kind of (affordable) insert?
i am wanting to purchase a few more and want to try something different from what i have.
a mustache just for you paper mama! ok, maybe a little for me too.


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Yes! Thank you for the mustache! I know nutting about the cloth diapering. Still curious though.

janineb said...

honestly, when solids start you will miss BM poo - soo much easier to clean up because you just throw the whole shebang in the washer. With solids you have to scrape and dump and maybe rinse before adding to the wash.
We use BG 3.0 pocket dipes exclusively and have had no leak issues (except when we had some terrible stomach flu where it was literally water). If its just going to the cover, well that sounds normal, but not sure what diapers you are referring to that do this. Maybe make sure you are pulling them tight enough?

as for detergent, I just use whatever is free and clear from the store. I do have some buildup issues and have to strip on a semi-regular basis. If you find that this detergent causes buildup, a good strip (small squirt of dawn, 1/4 cup bleach and many hot rinses) will clear it up. I have heard really good things about Crunchy Clean or Rockin' Green (sp?) I think both need to be ordered online.

Jen L said...

Hi! I just found your blog from "It's a Wonderful Life." You have adorable girls!

So, cloth diapers... We love them. I use the Flip system mostly when we're out and about because they're so trim and fit well in the diaper bag. When we're home, we use pockets and AIOs. When we first started, I had to change the cover every time, too. It was crazy. I didn't really understand the concept of covers if you had to just wash them every time anyways.

I'm not sure what changed, but now we rarely have to wash the covers due to poo-splosions. Which inserts are you using? We use the Stay-Dry Flip inserts. Prefolds are also great (and inexpensive). I've also used our FuzziBunz pocket inserts in a pinch, although they're not really long enough for our big LO.

As for detergent, just find the one that works best for you. You'll always find someone that thinks it's a terrible choice, but if it works for you, who cares! We use Charlie's Soap, which one website swears gives babies a chemical burn. Yeah. I haven't had that experience with it. In fact, I really like it!