Monday, July 19, 2010

hold the phone.

yes mom a post about cloth diapers :) i   am   obsessed, i think.
some two odd hours ago, i had laid stella down for her first nap and was about to get on and tell you how much i was really liking using some prefolds i purchased as inserts with my flip diaper.
then life, meal planning, pie making sort of stuff happened. 
just now she woke up, and was a total mess! so here is how i feel about prefolds. eff you prefolds...well, at least on their own and at least the ones i bought (which just could be a kind that doesn't work for us-reg unbleached infant size from a local birth/diaper store-with sides folded under into thirds)
but, and this is an important but-i did really like the results last night when i doubled it on top of my fleece/micro fiber insert in a flip diaper.
so, as of yesterday i crossed cloth diapering conquering off my bucket list: master cloth diapering (have yet to start for those wondering). i really feel that stella i are there, total comfort in this new adventure. still learning/ have a lot to learn but taking it all in with an upbeat open mind.
at this point i have a total of 15 diapers (6 cover/insert systems, 3 aio, 2 fitteds, 4 pockets), 14 inserts, and 3 prefolds. i like my bum genius and fuzzibunz the best, but will def not knock the convenience of the flip system. pockets are great, but it seems like you go though it a lot faster than cover+insert. dreameaze and that other random designer brand that i have can suck it, there price is not worth the quality.
leaks have been at a minimal and only when she is sleeping or once with a HUGE blowout that went sideways, but we won't get into the details.
next in my shopping cart is the bumgenius 4.0, i can't wait for snaps! i am also hosting a diaper party the middle of august and hope to get to try out some diff brands that might work for us.
tim, i think has changed two cloth diapers. he just isn't into it. any suggestions how to get dad on board?
i knew i wanted to give cloth diapering a good college try but i am seriously surprised how much fun i am having! it was a super easy transition and i am even easing up on my i need to wash everyday cause the thought of poo just sitting in them freaks me out issues.
next up, todays project: homemade cloth wipes and solution!


Anonymous said... mom is on me too about how much I talk about cloth in my blog. She said I had a fetish...had to correct her to say I had an obsession...not a fetish..:)

As for getting a dad on board my trick was to make it as simple and dummy proof as possible. That meant pre-stuffing the pockets and making sure that they were available to him when he did changes (he won't touch a fitted, prefold, or anything with snaps:) ). So far he's been doing pretty well with it....