Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i am not really all that sorry.

but, i am going to bombard you with photos tonight. mmm, kay?
it's wednesday again (duh) so we headed to play group today. last week there was talk it would be berry picking (which i was going to opt out of with three crazy little girls to tow around) but with this weeks 'heat wave' they are calling it...the leader thankfully decided on a spray park.
the best part was that she choose this place that is like seven miles from us! i couldn't believe my eyes when we pulled up, this was hands down the best spray park i had been to and literally down the street. 
i also found out they do family free movies there too, we will def. be checking those out!
this was a great spray pad/park too for the reason that it is in a sort of secluded tight area so it was easy to watch the girls and really not worry about them if they got out of my sight for a few minutes.
rowan was hilarious, at first she stood on the very outside kinda watching and then slowly got more and more in getting wetter and wetter. by the end she was running through all the spraying areas.
other than that, as usual she spent a lot of time on the merry go round. even pushing large kids, small kids, and adults all on her own-quite a funny site. i think that girl would have a merry go round in place of her bed if she could.
and tim, just for you. photos of zoe ALL the way at the top of a huge rope structure. she wanted you to know that she climbed up there no problem :)


Ashley Sisk said...

These are all great shots, but seriously...I LOVE THE SECOND SHOT! That hat...adorable.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Again AND as usual: great shots! My fave is the kids climbing the rope tower with the sun.

Delia said...

Very cool rope climbing pics!