Friday, July 30, 2010

i think rice is a hit.

any reservations that had built up in my head about starting stella on solids at four months....just went right out the door. she was obviously ready.
she gobbles her whole bowl of rice+ squash or avocado and wants more. from day one not a drop was pushed back out, she caught on to what she was suppose to do immediately. other than the 'why are you feeding me poop?' faces she made when i tried to give her homemade rice, now that we are doing earth's best organic she LOVES it-she even tries to eat the bowl.
see for yourself,


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

adorable!! bennett loves rice cereal!! i think i might have already told you this (or maybe not?)... i mix diluted apple juice with his rice and he gobbles it up so stinkin fast! you should try it, if you want. :-)

Jess Craig said...

dang. she's all over that like... WHITE ON RICE.

Susan Payton said...

I was blogging around this morning and came across your blog. She is absolutely adorable and definetly likes what she is eating.

lydia. said...

she's a pro! :)