Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'll take a side of #bestweekendever with some sushi please.

one, yes my blogity blog has changed it up a little. new header, new name, same old banter though. i, like for reals fell in love with this really cool morph that papermama did to that photo of stelly and was thinking about how we always say, 'hi, baby' over and over to stel to get her to smile...and then voila, the new blog was born. we're still 4 ladies and a man who is ready to pack it up and run away we are so crazy (still with lots of too many carseats-we're just not saying that anymore.) but with a whole new look.
two, i just had the best weekend ever. and the best part was, it was totally simple and laid back.
we went to the bite of seattle last night and grubbed on fried macaroni, fish tacos, curly fries, mango lemonade, fish and chips, and the grand elephant ear.
it was crazy busy there, more so that i can ever remember before. i did a total ding dong move and forgot my camera in the midst of trying to carry light. thank god for camera phones! haha, we even got to see a pretty nasty chick fight. there were limbs, chapsticks, and phones flying everywhere and the best part was the scatter when the cops showed up.
today we slept in. ack, i feel awful for missing church for a second week in a row but we REALLY needed the extra sleep and it sure felt great. when we finally pulled ourselves together we headed to the fremont street fair in hopes of finding some vintage baby clothes-grr, no luck! we did pass a bowl of used rings and tim said if i found one in there we would call it good and be officially engaged-i almost sprinted back to the bowl. everything was really cheapo though and i wasn't willing to sell it short. i guess well have to wait and see what happens now...
then thank you to sam (tim's bro)'s GREAT idea of sushi for lunch-we headed to blue c sushi a belt chain in the area. um, so good! i had two plates of california rolls, two. lunch was followed by a black and white mocha from peet's...yum.
next stop was the ballard farmers market-we needed some yummy organic haul for me to start making baby foods for stell. total score, we got snow peas, squash/zucchini, mint (for mojitos of course), blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, nuts, garlic, rhubarb, and some flowers.
we checked out a couple of cute little shops, ate a honey stick, and then headed home.
now for some bbq'd hamburgers on fresh chibatta bread and movie snuggle fest and we'll call it a night.
yup, great weekend.
the end.
(yea, for 3.2 mega pixel camera photos!)

oh em gee, total ps-stella is rolling over almost rolling over! she gets all the way to her belly but can't quite pull that little chubby arm out. tim says we can't call it rolling over quite yet-but let it be documented today that um, she pretty much did. i bet it'll be any day that she will get it! i can't believe how fast this time has gone by, she will be four months on thursday. i am a equal parts sad and happy mama.


Jess Craig said...

so jealous of your weekend. seriously.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Wow, the camera phone really took care of you! The photos look great! Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend. I SO miss going to Freemont market.

Lovely flowers too. I miss Seattle when I read your blog.

AND: thanks for the shout out! Let me know when you get your package in the mail. :)