Wednesday, July 21, 2010

one hundred followers. heck yes.

woo-hoo, i have reached one hundred followers. where is my prize? totally kidding...
you must check out lyds was here. my trusty number 100 follower. her blog is SUPER cute!

and, in theme with one hundred, i am going to go ahead and race you yet again with my 100th post 100 things. you're welcome.

1. my name is melissa
2. rae
3. moran devine ????
4. i have three daughters, yes you read that right. t-h-r-e-e.
5. zoe first, she is my beautiful sensitive genius.
6. then came rowan, she is caution to the wind if i ever saw one and a total crack you up.
7. most recently stella, i'm still figuring her out so hold on...
8. i love tim. like totally for reals reach for the stars love him. we, all four of us would be totally lost without him.
9. i am, le sigh...25 and a whole half of a year old.
10. oh shit, did i mention that tim and i were born on the EXACT same day? seriously. when we moved to where we are now, this old lady at PUD called to tell me we made a mistake on our app and put the same dob for both of us. i told her, 'no joke, it was no mistake' she said, 'now that is a meant to be' duh.
11. so, last year on our bday i said, 'next year you turn 26 and i'll take one for the team and turn 24' aren't i nice?
12. i, we, us live in bothell. to stay or not to stay is currently the question.
13. my parents are rick and teri.
14. the sisters, one older one younger are katie and jennifer.
15. my parents have been patient, generous, and forgiving-i would have perished long ago without these things from them.
16. i went to cascade high. raw raw go bruins or whatever.
17. i was totally into highschool.
18. so naturally when i went to college after, i hated it.
19. i got married way to early, to possibly the most way wrong guy. ever.
20. that is over and done. thank god.
21. don't think for one second that i ashamed of the series of events that were my life circa 2002-2009. i am this-stronger, happier, braver, more independent, and fun loving person that i am.
22. so back to this college thing, fall 2010 will be 'melissa goes to college 2.0'
23. i have decided that i want to be a ultrasound techie-i want to look at cute babies with the xray wand thing.
24. then i can be tim's sugar mamma, with the 50,000+ i will be making to start.
25. i hate tea.
26. i used to lie and say i was allergic to things like mushrooms and onions. cause i hated them too.
27. mmmm, spicy food.
28. i used to hate beer. tim said, learn to like it or get lost. omg, totally kidding...well kinda.
29. i heart blogging.
30. this is my all time fav. website:
31. we've starting talking about the possibility of maybe starting to talk about buying a house.
32. their, they're, there are all different words with different meaning. learn it.
33. my body temp runs around 100 F as a normal thing.
34. i photograph.
35. i am done being a nanny. not even if it's the last job on the planet and it is up to me and a nanny job to restart humanity.
36. i maybe have watched 'the day after tomorrow' 143,921 times. and no mom, this time there is no subtracting or dividing to find the unembellished number. i have seen it a lot.
37. on that note, i can recite the entire movie bring it on. thus, tim won't watch it with me.
38. i am a scorpio, and everything that comes along with that. i might even bite.
39. omg omg omg. the twilight series is like omg quite possibly like my fav. ever.
40. whenever i read the books, it makes me think i am a vampire. gives tim a good laugh-or some gnarly neck bite marks. but that's neither here nor there.
41. tim is not letting me be so bad with money anymore. thank god.
42. i photograph with a nikon d40x. oh lordy if i only had a more 'pro' version in my hands.
43. i heart photoshop
44. and photoshop actions and textures. so fun.
45. i am a seahawks fair-weather fan. get it together guys!
46. i have always wanted to live where the sky is the biggest.
47. my niece shelby died when she was only five months old. she took a little piece of my heart with her.
48. i don't cook. unless it is chili or fajita melts for tim. tim, he's the cook around here.
49. concert going is my fav. me and tim activity.
50. i have lived in brier, everett, bellingham, tricities, federal way, kent, tricities, camano island, everett, bothell.
51. my first reeeeaaal job, was art room coordinator for the south everett boys and girls club.
52. i have six tattoos.
53. my most fav is the cupcake on my inner bicep that lindsay got me for my 24th bday. yum.
54. tool is my fav band, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of maynard's voice. well, maye tim's...but have you ever tried to get that guy to sing/play for you. hard.
55. oh! i was a total band nerd. i played the flute, and no i never tried would have hurt A LOT.
56. i went to whatcom community college for like a second. played indoor soccer.
57. while i was a student i worked at mcd's and made what is now my best friend of all time.
58. i was a raver once upon a time. beads and all. totally over that.
59. eeeeeeeeerrr aaahhhh, *fifty ninth question stretch.
60. i have the best cousins.
61. and aunts.
62. and uncles.
63. and all nine of my nieces and nephews. long story...
64. i am a reality tv junkie. kardashians, kendra, the hills (although fake), real world...i watch it all. it's like cookies are to cookie monster. numm...numm...numm.
65. i don't wear make up. i can't really pull it off.
66. that bitchy, uninterested look you'll get when you first meet me-is just my nervous look. i apologize for that in advance.
67. 'the perks of being a wallflower' used to be my all time fav. book. it is because of it that jonathan is my best friend. i am not even kidding. it kick started our friendship 8 years ago.
68. i spoil my daughters rotten, just to sit back and watch their enjoyment.
69. i avoid capital letters.
70. i like things random and questionable.
71. i love breastfeeding.
72. on that note. ugh, one of my boobs is bigger than the other now-at least a whole size.
73. the rules usually don't apply to me.
74. when we're talking of numbers my mom says, 'you either need to divide or multiply by 10 to find the real number' when it comes to me.
75. i always think best case scenario.
76. i order stiff drinks and pass the bottom half off to my friends or boyfriend.
78. i'd like to think that your lucky to have me.
79. i love passion tea. i have one every day.
80. i'm always embarrassed for someone else. 
81. i like watching movies by myself so that i can fast forward through scary or uncomfortable parts. i don't think i have watched a movie in a while that i haven't skipped through at least a little bit.
82. i am stubborn as hell.
83. my gut feeling is always right. but do i ever listen to it? rarely.
84. i am addicted to facebook. and blogger. and photoshop. and lightroom. and...
85. my aura is green.
86. i have not great credit. sad.
87. i like plans. 
88. i tried to be mormon once or twice in highschool.
89. i have seasonal depression. autumn and winter used to cure i think i like summer and spring better?
90. new purses make me happy.
91. i'd like to think that i am crafty.
92. target is a dangerous place to send me without a list and money covering only said list. it's is easily my most fav. store.
93. i like crappy music sometimes. it deserves the love too.
94. i don't usually agree with less is more.
95. sometimes it is ok for mature, well mannered, sophisticated women to say fuck. so i do, a lot. i'm trying to stop.
96. i am always ready for bed. literally cause i am tired and also because i wear my jammies most of the day.
97. once upon a time i had braces. lame.
98. i drive a 1990 nissan maxima.
99. family time is most serene.
100. i am perfectly satisfied.


Ashley Sisk said...

Congrats on reaching 100...the next 100 will move a little quicker and then after that, they start multiplying. Sorry, my eyes hurt - I don't think I'm going to make it through all 100.

lydia. said...

aww! thanks, lady!
you're the sweetest.
i'm happy i could help, ha. :)
your blog is adorable, and i'm so happy to have found it!

i loved reading your 100 things, and i totally read them all.

alliehallmarr said...

congrats! i love lydia's blog! she's so cute. and of course, i love your blog happy we found each other!