Sunday, July 11, 2010

random thoughts for you...

oneyes, it has been two days since i posted. there are several unedited photos waiting on my camera. gasp.
two. i am hot. the house is hotter i promise.
three. cloth diapering is still going good, i have a lot of determination and with a pack of disposables starring me down i have yet to break and put one on her. even when we are out. thank you yes, i am patting myself on the back.
but, wait-can i tell you what a nightmare it has been researching and deciding on what laundry soap would be the  best. then deciding, and not being able to find it anywhere? ok, wait i guess we found it at qfc finally-have yet to pick up though.
four. i have decided it is fact-stella has my eyes and tim's EVERYTHING else. she is a mini daddy. i see everything in her that i love about him and if it is even possible makes me love her a little more.
five. stella is so good with her hands-she can turn the music on her carseat toy bar and spin all the toys round and round. she has recently take to pulling herself around her floor gym by holding onto the dangling toys.
six. i want to buy an afforadable used ergo carrier, anyone selling one?
seven. we went to the aquarium thursday, me the ladies and my pseudo brother in law and my pseudo niece. it was crazy fun.
eight. the bigs are at their dad's and i am going to sleep in.

i will do the aquarium photo post in a bit...
i am sorry, but i am suffering from some serious (get it? haha.):


alliehallmarr said...

i love random thought posts!!! can't wait to see aquarium pics and yayyy for sleeping in!

Anonymous said...

love the block. well, not that you have it, but how you showed it.

our ergo is not getting much action anymore. liam's huge, it's hot, and he hates being stuck close and facing in, so i'm pretty sure we're done with it, but let me think about it to make sure i'm ready to give it up and get back to you on it, k?

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Ergo is the best! We will not be selling ours......

Ha ha on the writers block! I hope you got to sleep in!

alicia said...

I love random posts and have yet to try one. I think I'd scare people away with my random thoughts. haha. I have many photos waiting on me too.