Thursday, July 1, 2010

shoot, i think i am cloth diapering just for the photo ops.

i feel like i am that commercial, where the characters in photos are whining and complaining about who's getting deleted or forgotten. i mean, seriously-have you seen my edits for prints folder? it is insane. can someone please turn of my girls cute switches so i wont want to take so many photos of them?
so on to the point...stella's cloth diapers came today! those new little babies are currently on wash two of our (i hope to get to) six stripping washes to get them ready for stella's little bum.
i am so glad that sent along an info sheet about their care and instructions. so, if you didn't know this i am telling you now. free and clear detergents are a big no no for cloth diapering-they cause residue build up that leads to stinky leaky messes. i totally would have just went about using that kind ruining my diapers.
i am so excited! i already put one on her to test it out and it is so cute! but oh am i glad i went with all 6-12m pants when we went summer clothes shopping today. she will without a doubt be filling those up with her big cloth diapered booty.
of course, the second we walked in the door with our new diapers it was photo shoot time. i mean, after all that's why i am doing cloth diapering isn't it? totally kidding. but i can't wait for some line drying photos! 
the two free ones that sent are so cute! i am glad that i specified that they were for a girl since they are patterned and adorable!
in other cloth diapering news, my mom and i might try making our own fitted diapers. we have to check it out and see if the cost will be worth it compared to just buying them. here is the pattern for sale if your interested.
cloth diapering: day one will most likely not start till tomorrow due to all the washing, but i can't wait. stay tuned for one of two things. either me virtually crying about how it sucks or the even better version where i say it is going great!

so, the new look? yay or nay? i am cooking up a fantastic header idea that involves the beach, the man, the ladies, and a camera but until then i think we will go with this!   


Anonymous said...

i have a friend who's supposed to be sending me her own pattern she made up for diaper covers - i'll pass it along!

Ashley Sisk said...

You are too funny, so why wouldn't you be able to use free and clear detergent? I ask because 8-9 months ago, we switched our detergent over to free and clear (I apparently have a bad reaction to fragrancey detergent).

melissa rohr said...

it's not bad for normal day to day. it's what we use.
the care sheet i got just talked about how something in free and clear causes residue to build up (something about a brightener i think) which makes the diapers less absorbent.

Linkie Lueville said...

I'm really jealous right now. I wish we could have been in a place to cloth diaper claire. :( I'm sure you'll love it. My mom did with me! Though, let me know how much you still like it when you've got nightly homework.... lol. ;)

On another note, the new header, WAY CUTE. And I loled when I saw you added very to 4 ladies and a patient man. Ha ha.

Teri said...

OK you know I love you, BUT GET A LIFE!!!!!!

Tia Colleen said...

Oh I SO wish we could have done cloth diapers. My kids are huge, and they just don't work for us. But cloth diapers are soooooo cute! Love the picture :)

Mandy Chiappini Photography said...

They sure do make some cute cloth diapers!!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Ah whoops! I meant to comment from my family blog! He he. Oh and I love your new header! -Mandy (again!)

Yellow House said...

The new header is wonderful, as is that sweet colorful pile of diapers! Good luck with this new challenge!

alliehallmarr said...

I really like the new banner, the colors are really eye catching and it's super cute! good luck with cloth diapering, we're hoping to start soon's just so hard to front all that money!

Stormy Seaworthy said...

I love your pictures! The color is so awesome!!