Thursday, July 22, 2010

stella, four freaking months.

*hold on, let me wipe my mommy my baby isn't a baby much longer alligator tears away.
ok, stella is four months old today! (also, happy 6 months today to miloh over @smonkyou and out friend ellie)

to stella at four months,
what can i say are the life of this household. you keep us on our toes constantly.
as of today, you laugh-like really really yummy belly laughs, you roll from both your tummy to you back and your back to your tummy, thus hate tummy time a whole lot less. you would stand up with us holding you all day if you could and would likely bounce yourself dizzy in the jumparoo if we'd allow it. you still sleep through the night, you have ever since 6 weeks. thank you...seriously. you are a master with your hands-you see what you want and you grab it. you have even learned how to manipulate things into your mouth. sophie is the new friend/teether of choice (i feel bad for elephant friend).
daddy is your absolute favorite, and you know what...i am totally ok with that. there is nothing like seeing you two together. the way you grab his beard and pull him in to snuggle his face. or the laughs that you save special for heart is bursting watching you two grow together-you as a daughter and him as a new father.
look at you now, you are a breastfeeding cloth diapered pro-you are done slash full in ten minutes and you even hold your legs and butt up for us now when we change you.
you have become a ham in front of the camera, i guess you have to be to roll with this crowd.
your sister's absolutely love you to pieces and are always wanting to hold and snuggle you.
next up we conquer solids. are you ready?
mommy and daddy love you to the stars and back. you make our world go round.
happy fours months baby!
-m and d


alliehallmarr said...

Awww! Happy four months Stella!