Sunday, July 11, 2010

yes the aquarium

yes, we went to the aquarium-zoe ran round like a crazy lady taking it all in on fast forward. rowan dragged butt behind, with a mouth full of whatever snack she was pulling out of the diaper bag. yes, zoe touched EVERYTHING in the tide pools but refused to step within a 25 foot proximity of the famous gum wall for a photo. yes, she looks like a grouch in most of the photos. yes, it was blazing hot but also perfect on the waterfront with a salty breeze (does that even make sence) yes, it was my three ladies, tim's brother sam, and our niece vivian. i think...i...would...have died, trying to take the girls on my own. thanks sam! yes, we finished up the adventure with some yummy bubble tea at our fav pike's place spot. yes, one more thing crossed off the bucket list! (too much 'yes'? i was feeling sassy i guess).
seriously though, it cost me $17 dollars to get in (more if i hadn't had that free pass for zoe) and the other kids were free-that is like $6 more than the zoo and there was hardly anything to see at the aquarium, we finished the WHOLE thing in under an hour and a hlaf including playing at the tide pools for awhile. i get they just did a remodle a few years ago and need to cover that but 1. what did they even change, seriously? besides 2. they took out the imax with the st. helans show that was really cool. needless to say, i feel really ripped off and won't be going back for another few years at least.
i guess what is important though is that at least one of the six of us that went has a good time.
ok, yes-here are the photos :)


Jess Craig said...

ha, i love how your kid looks so pissed.

MJ said...

Awe she's so grouchy, its adorable!! Those pics are reallly good by the way!

Yellow House said...

I have never been to the Aquarium or the Gum Wall... I am adding them to my summer wish list of places to visit in town! The girls faces crack me up.

Tia Colleen said...

So the wall, is covered.. in gum?

That is so weird, haha. What does gum have to do with an aquarium? My daughter probably would have been over there trying to pick all of the pieces off, eeeeww.

Even her pouty pictures, though, are precious.

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

What a bummer about the aquarium. Sucks when you don't feel like you got your money worth, but those cut outs are pretty rad. I really like the jelly fish one.

Okay, so I tried to see where you are located. I have to ask, is this the famous gum wall in Seattle? I've always wanted to see this in person!! Did you add to it?

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Cute photos. Lame price! Did you add to the gum wall? I need to go to Pike market again. It's been a while.

jill said...

oh, i just love seattle! and im with zoe on the gum wall. i think its cool but so gross!

Teri said...

OK so you couldn't get me within 20 miles of that disgusting thing.
What is the intrigue anyway? I can understand the shoe tree, but the gum wall...............really?