Wednesday, August 25, 2010

which one?

ahmagawd, they're all great. help me decide.




Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

stella j. five months.

hi, baby,

you're five months old today-ears pierced, grouchy, and asleep on the floor with a paci in your mouth...this is a new thing.

rolling is your mode of transportation and you have made it clear solids are not going to be an option quite yet-were still checking in with you about once a week on that. you gobbled avacados till we figured out your belly was not in agreement with them.

you still nurse, with a very small amount of bottled breastmilk a month. even though the other day you decided you hold your own bottle like a big girl. there is no stopping you now.
sophie the giraffe is your best friend. or ellie. maybe both.

i wrote you a song. well, really i changed most of the words to twinkle twinkle-leaving pretty much just the twinkle twinkle part and now i am waiting for daddy to make a jazzed up tune to go with it. then it's all yours.

you sleep in your own room still no problem-and now, gasp you are a belly sleeper. all you need is dino to cuddle and sing you his song and you little birds chirping in the background and you drift into dream land. oh, and no swaddle, sleep sack, or restriction of any kind.

you wake up now and wiggle around in your crib for awhile before you need me. it is fun to listen to you gurgle at your toys and wonder at your toes.

you're perfect. we love you.
-m & d

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the paper mama photo challenge:flower.

my flower girl. one of her proudest moments...
poor girl, followed after this boy all night trying to snag a dance with him. finally after much insistence and bribing from his mom and i, he caved. for a second.

The Paper Mama

Friday, August 20, 2010

photo roulette friday: first stab.

eeek, i am excited-thanks to ashley at i totally came across this (um) super fun photo link up over at she choses a folder and photo down the list at random (ex. folder 3 photo 25) and then you do the same and link up what you hit.
this was one of the last snows winter 2009. we bundled up rowan and took her back behind our apartments and taught her how to catch snowflakes in her mouth-they were the perfect juicy huge flakes. i love this photo because it is also one of tim's favorites and he doesn't point out things like that too often. makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside. swoon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my new absolute favorite photo of stella.

which also happens to be her signature look. and, yes those are her real crazy cool eyes.
and, more for your viewing please:
check out more 'signature' looks over at it's a beautiful life.

hair clips.

so, this is what i have been busy doing while we unwind and watch sunny in philadelphia.
there nothing over the top spectacular, but i was thinking of adding them when i open my esty shop with the upcycled clothes i have been doing: see here. i am thinking maybe $4 each? what would you pay? and maybe a giveaway coming soon for these? here or somewhere else?
my fav i have made so far is the stack of pancakes...i really want to prefect that one :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

baby bloggy booking at it's finest.

it is official...
stella is mobile. she rolls front to back-back to front-head up-then head down all over the place. she goes after toys she wants and almost prefers the floor over her jump-a-roo now. which is just plain nuts.
she wiggles all over her crib changing up her sleep position nightly. i am still a little surprised when i go in and she is laying a completely different direction and position then i laid her down in.
is this where i face it? that she is on the fast track to a not baby anymore?
oh, and she holds her own bottle now. which really surprises me since she rarely ever has one or the opportunity to practice. she just picked it right up like a pro.

wordish wednesday.

woo-hoo, an opportunity to get out some of these 'needs no real introduction' photos that have been stuck in the edits folder. so for your viewing pleasure...
 my, not so much a baby anymore.
 i guess withholding a paci will do this to one.
 new friends.
 my version of diapers drying on a line.
is there nothing cuter that a gaggle of girlie pink toes?
this is an often occurrence. bouncing tires her out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

if it's not one thing it's another.

ah, thank you blog for being a outlet of all my frustrations...

ever since a few weeks back when it became suspect that rowan might have celiac disease we made the life decision to cut gluten out of her diet-this was with out an actual diagnosis and totally a decision that tim and i made with her best interest in mind. it was not directed by any sort of doctor, naturopath or pediatrician-it was a choice based off parental instinct, research, and symptoms. regardless of any blood tests, gluten is like glue in your system and can always be a good choice to minimalize it or cut it out all together.

three weeks, a stool sample, and four doctor visits (actual pediatrician doctors) later they have tested rowan's blood-we're still waiting for the results. today she headed back to her dad's to end out their summer schedule of the parenting plan. i made a call to my ex to explain her diet a little better and to let him know i packed a bag of foods for her and included list of safe and unsafe ingredients to help make the whole process that much easier on him-he would hear nothing of it. he thinks i made it all up. he thinks because she saw a naturopath (a naturopath with a medical license and degree from a well known medical school) in the beginning that this is all a crock-that she is a cult leader or something-and rowan is fine.

so enter tim to talk some sense into him-they talked and mike supposedly agreed to the diet.
whoa, he totally lied to us-i was ready to keep rowan home for the sake of her health unless he promised to follow what we had set in motion. the second he got home he called and told me he was calling the pediatrician and would not being doing this diet unless she says to. obviously she can't say one way or another without the results in her hand, which is fine-i don't expect for her to do anything other than give the cold hard facts. i do know that she was prepared to explain to him that if he were to enter the gluten back into her system at this point that she would feel crumby for awhile. not to mention the effects it will have on her currently problematic digestive system.

(it is really a shame the girls have such an ignoramus for a father)

he won't even hear the fact that, this is a choice tim and i have made regardless of the diagnosis to come and that if he just throws gluten back into her system that it will really make rowan feel crumby. he won't even hear that since cutting the gluten out of her day to day the distension has gone down in her belly, her attitude is better, and she complains less about pain in her stomach. *hits hand on head, gee an intelligent person would see that this diet was the right healthy choice for her.

i know living a gluten free lifestyle is a HUGE adjustment and responsibility-but it's not about the convenience or the effects on our pocket book. it is about making my two year old feel one hundred percent healthy.
i am afraid that my ex is acting impossible because he feels somehow it is hurting me...because that is what he loves to do.  

bah. i need advice?!

Monday, August 16, 2010

my first giveaway: you're going to love it.

so, do you remember this post. about this hat. that all of you went gaga over!
(giveaway hat will be a tan/khaki color)

well...i begged, whined, pleaded, and may have offered up one or all of the children in trades for one to do a give away with!

so here it is, your chance to win a MRDRApparel custom handmade hat for your little one.
as, you saw in this post back here. it is kinda one size fits all your little ones heads. (hat is smaller size, made to fit babies-child. however, fits my boyfriends head as well!)

sam has been a knitting fury for quite some time now under the alter ego muel rohrsa. he has in my opinion perfected his brand of hats into a totally unique style-but is just now getting his website and site underway.

these amazing, hand crafted, good qulaity gems run child: $35 and adult: $40.

if you are interested in a hat for you (yes, oh yes-he makes adult hats too. mostly even.) or your little one-feel free to check out his website and hit contact for more info. (website is still under construction but some info is available)

so how do you win you ask? check out the below options for many opportunities at multiple entries. please make sure that i have a way to contact you otherwise you can not be counted and i will have to delete the entry. winner will be chosen at random.
make sure and leave a comment for each thing you do for more chances!

so here is how you can enter:
  • become a fan of muel rohrsa facebook page. (one entry)
  • add mrdrapparel shop as a favorite shop. (two entries)
  • become a follower of this blog. or let me know you already are. (one entry)
  • leave a comment telling us what colors you would love to see in a hat. (one entry)
  • place an order for a hat, child or adult. leave email for confirmation. (five entries)
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this giveaway will run until tuesday, august 31st at 8:00pm pst-good luck! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i heart faces challenge week thirty three: got to wear shades.

i know, seven thousand times i have dipped into my edit folder and pulled a photo from this shoot. get over it.
when i just saw the i heart faces challenge for this week pop up in my google reader-i knew exactly where i was headed for the perfect photo-insert zoe here.
i can't even begin to remember what ps action i used on this. but i think i ended up perfect.
ps, this background...a target shower curtain.
for more amazing entires head on over to i heart faces.

seeing triple.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the scariest moment of my life. ok, i've said that before-but really this time.

what they don't tell you in the instruction manual that they don't send home with your brand new and shiny baby.

she might hold her breath and pass out. and this is totally normal.

wait, wha?

a few days back, i was naptime blog perusing and found that dear baby was having open auditions to be a guest blogger while they were on vacation. i instantly started thinking about what i could talk about-what i could share with you that you didn't already know (cause i am usually the last to know everything).
she was asking for mothers (and fathers) to share some insight, a story, or opinions. there is only one thing i felt i could really give insight on-that if you didn't know this already, you might save you from a heart in your throat and a 911 call. (i never ended up 'trying out' for a guest spot.)

i still thought you should know:

right after rowan had turned one we were visiting my best friend at work-this was a normal event for us. we visit, zoe begs to be a employee and spends the time cleaning windows and display cases, and rowan runs around and destroys the store.

however,this time ended totally different-on a jaunt around the store rowan had hit where linoleum meets carpet and tripped over the little strip of rubber they put in between. i immediately looked back to make sure no bones had broken through and there was no blood gushing anywhere-there wasn't. but what i hadn't figure out yet was things were not right.

rowan (still on the floor) had her mouth open in a scream and was tossing her head around like in a scream-but nothing was coming out. i instantly giggled and muttered, 'drama queen' i mean...hello, i know you have been here too-i think all kids do it. but, no sooner had i spoke her head dropped to the ground...she was limp.

(here is where my heart left it's rightful place and entered my throat)

i ran to her instantly and scooped her up-her eyes fluttered a little and for a half second thought she was fine-but then again, why was she totally limp in my arms with her head flopped to the side.

i looked at lindsay. i didn't even have to say the words, i think my face did it for me. she was already on the phone with 9-1-1.

it is kind of a whirlwind from here. i know i could hear lindsay describing the incident and repeating directions for me to hold her down on the floor (don't ask why, but we thought she hurt her neck. it might have been how her head was flopping around) and to stay calm. i remember her giving them the address. rowan had her eyes half open at this point and had started sobbing. my heart was pounding.

after the medics arrived, they checked her out and at this point she was up and moving with a half smile then as soon as the medics took out the stuffed animals they had with them it was all over-the old row was back.

so here is what happened. she had fainted from a 'holding breath spell' which, hello melissa are totally common and you should have known about them. this was reconfirmed for me when i took her into the pediatrician the next day just to be sure she was ok.

i felt stupid, both the paramedic and her doctor spoke about it like i was literally the last person on the planet to know that a lot of kids do this and it is normal. it happens and then you get over it.

so, blah blah blah-i guess i am sharing this story with case you didn't know. 

the bad news is, that she still does it. her doctor had mentioned it might happen a couple more times and then she'll grow out of it. so, i give up-my two year old is just really over dramatic.

the good news is, that we discovered a trick to pull her out of the holding pattern-we blow in her face or up  (not in) her nose real hard and forceful. this is a tool that could help you too-another one if you can have it handy is the use of a spray bottle and water.

hair today, gone tomorrow.

i was trying to grow it out. i give up...
holy, i looked stoned. but it's only cause my bf only humors me for a second when i ask him to take photos-so i got one shot to get it right and it happened to be right when i was pointing out that he should move his hand from in front of the flash. haha.

Friday, August 13, 2010

i just kinda had an lol moment when i went to retrieve the girls laundry.
this is all i found:
yea, i admit it. we stay in our underwear all day. it's summer vacation...

k? thanks...  
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

there's a giveaway ah-happening over at the papermama.

and i want to win and i want to win now.
she is giving away a chance for a free spot in on the:

you know you want to head on over and throw your entries into the running. visit the paper mama for your chance to win!

wordish wednesday.

don't forget that now is the perfect time to stock up at target-you can't beat 0.25 cent crayola crayons (we bought 8 packs to get us through the whole year) and 0.50 cent elmers glue and glue sticks! we also grabbed markers, colored pencils, composition notebooks, scotch tape in fun rollers, and much more all for under a dollar!
the only thing better than this, is when it all goes on clearance-but you have to time that just right! 

for more, see here: Wordless Wednesday HQ5 Minutes For Mom, 7 Clown CircusJolly MomGo Graham Go,Marvelous Mommy, and My Wee View

this is also my entry for:

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

excuse the dump. of photos that is...

tim's brother sam, makes and sells hats. pretty dang ah-mazing ones. i told him they should come in niece and pseudo niece head size and they would be even better. he delivered.
i am totally trying to pimp out these photos for marketing. i think the 'rowan with finger in nose' should be front page material. to clarify, this is one hat-stella's hat. it fits all three of them though.

you can check him out mmm, here.

 and, there is this of course..
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