Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ahmagawd. Big changes coming now.

First off, I am not doing real posts cause for some reason my internet took the day off. Currently investigating this.

Second, my photos will now ALL have watermarks. I just learned that someone stole my best friends daughters photos off flickr and posted them on a social network as their own.

That is absolutly disgusting.

I am so freaked out now, imagining what photos of mine are out there and what they are being used for. Especially with an older beautiful daughter it really has me worried.

Blogger should do something and make photos un-right clickable.

Family, if you would like any photo that you see for printing then I will email you the original file without watermark.



Linkie Lueville said...

Seriously guys! This is a BIIIIGGGG deal! I'm LIVID right now!