Monday, August 9, 2010

definatly a genius.

stella cracks me up. big   time.
i just laid her down for nap and we went through the normal routine-but this time she was ready for each thing and even kinda gave me a, 'duh, mom' look while she did it.
i laid her down and even before i grabbed the sleep sak she kicked her legs to avoid containment. then she threw her little chubby arm collect her stuffed dino like always. she quickly closed her arm around him to snuggle and listen to his music. last she flicked her eyes in the direction of her white noise machine, waiting for me to hit the birds button.
she has it all figured out. she really does.
this is almost as cool as when she started lifting her butt waaay up for diapers. that is super helpful.
just another bit of reality that my baby. is quickly becoming a full blown little person!


jill said...

isnt it crazy how smart babies are! i love the "duh mom" look. haha

jill said...
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Steph said...

Love this! My son started this at a young age. You should see our routine now!

Linkie Lueville said...

Arg, she isn't even my kid, and I feel like she leaving the baby stage way to quickly, and it'll be years before I see another baby! Hurry, get on it and make another baby! ;)