Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Help a girl out.

Hey my trusty (gluten-free) followers, I need some suggestions:

What are some good basic foods and snacks that are gluten free?
I am just looking for some things to start out with that are somewhat inexpensive and that I can hopefully pick up at fred meyer or trader joes.
Also, they need to be things that realalistically my two year old will eat.
She already loves fruits and veggies-so we're covered there.
Definatly would love some input on good snacks for the little one.
We all plan on going gluten free with her to make her feel more comfortable and meal planning easier but in the meantime I need to pick up some quick and easy options for rowan.
I'd love to hear what main stream/well known foods that you have found (things readily available at most grocery stores)?
As well as things you have had success with feeding your toddler. Also, whre to get a good inexpensive bread and pastas.

one last thing....did anyone feel resistance from the doctor/piediatrician when you brought up the possiblity of celiac disease? How do you deal with it?

I am still hoping rowan just has a dairy problem but as I look further into gluten intolerance I see that lactose intolarance can be a biproduct of the disease. Boo.

We feel like this is or can be a little blessing in disguise to start making healthier lifestyle choices and get out whole family eating right. Perfect for stella who won't have to change anything. Can't wait to maybe shed some of these pesky baby weight pounds!


Unknown said...

Bob's Red Mill has ton of bread and cookie and cake mixes that are DELiSH. We never use other boxed mixes anymore, b/c we all love Bob's stuff. Pretty much every grocery store in the Northeast sells gluten-free versions of everything, so we don't have to search too far. I don't know about your area, though.