Sunday, August 8, 2010

i am having a hard time trying to think of the words to tell you exactly how important this is.
my church is on the move-following the word of the lord in some big ways. through drinking water.
water is a human right, and yet one billion people on this planet go without access to the clean stuff.
we are fundrasing to do our part to put a stop to this.
your tiny doantion of $20 can give one person clean drinking water for twenty years. twenty years!
how can you not??
(you can do less that $20, anything helps!)
we've already raised $161,000 and it keeps coming in. click here to do your part.
and if it makes you feel that much better. one   hundred   percent, of your donation goes towards the building of these clean water wells.


lydia. said...

my church did this last year!
i think it is such a wonderful thing.
i think it's really important that people be educated on issues like these.
to know that one simple dollar can give someone clean water for an entire year is such a huge thing...