Tuesday, August 17, 2010

if it's not one thing it's another.

ah, thank you blog for being a outlet of all my frustrations...

ever since a few weeks back when it became suspect that rowan might have celiac disease we made the life decision to cut gluten out of her diet-this was with out an actual diagnosis and totally a decision that tim and i made with her best interest in mind. it was not directed by any sort of doctor, naturopath or pediatrician-it was a choice based off parental instinct, research, and symptoms. regardless of any blood tests, gluten is like glue in your system and can always be a good choice to minimalize it or cut it out all together.

three weeks, a stool sample, and four doctor visits (actual pediatrician doctors) later they have tested rowan's blood-we're still waiting for the results. today she headed back to her dad's to end out their summer schedule of the parenting plan. i made a call to my ex to explain her diet a little better and to let him know i packed a bag of foods for her and included list of safe and unsafe ingredients to help make the whole process that much easier on him-he would hear nothing of it. he thinks i made it all up. he thinks because she saw a naturopath (a naturopath with a medical license and degree from a well known medical school) in the beginning that this is all a crock-that she is a cult leader or something-and rowan is fine.

so enter tim to talk some sense into him-they talked and mike supposedly agreed to the diet.
whoa, he totally lied to us-i was ready to keep rowan home for the sake of her health unless he promised to follow what we had set in motion. the second he got home he called and told me he was calling the pediatrician and would not being doing this diet unless she says to. obviously she can't say one way or another without the results in her hand, which is fine-i don't expect for her to do anything other than give the cold hard facts. i do know that she was prepared to explain to him that if he were to enter the gluten back into her system at this point that she would feel crumby for awhile. not to mention the effects it will have on her currently problematic digestive system.

(it is really a shame the girls have such an ignoramus for a father)

he won't even hear the fact that, this is a choice tim and i have made regardless of the diagnosis to come and that if he just throws gluten back into her system that it will really make rowan feel crumby. he won't even hear that since cutting the gluten out of her day to day the distension has gone down in her belly, her attitude is better, and she complains less about pain in her stomach. *hits hand on head, gee an intelligent person would see that this diet was the right healthy choice for her.

i know living a gluten free lifestyle is a HUGE adjustment and responsibility-but it's not about the convenience or the effects on our pocket book. it is about making my two year old feel one hundred percent healthy.
i am afraid that my ex is acting impossible because he feels somehow it is hurting me...because that is what he loves to do.  

bah. i need advice?!


lydia. said...

how incredibly pathetic and ignorant.
it's so sad that he would KNOWINGLY do something to hurt his daughter, just because it is something that in the process also hurts you.
i am so sorry to hear this, and really hope that he will come to his senses and stop being such a jerk.

Teri said...

Its unfortunate that the maturity level is so low that he cannot lose the anger and simply focus on whats best for a child.
The longer he holds onto the anger, the longer his life will be negatively affected. Negative attracts negative and ultimately will kill you. You apparently are worth all of that.....my what power you posses!