Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ok, the shirt i am so proud of.

a few months ago while perusing nordstrom zoe cam running to me with a tie-dyed tee with a peace sign on it-she wanted it. bad.
looking at it for two seconds and seeing that it cost almost $40, i knew right away it would be something that i could recreate for her. (sorry, sad face-i can not find the shirt she originally was referring too. it was back in like january.)
the next day we found perfect pink tee on clearance at target for about $2 then it sat and sat and sat in zoe's closet.
finally this weekend i got around to pulling it out and getting started, it is on my summer bucket list and i need to pick up the pace on that!
so here is what i did, it was so simple that you prob don't need direction but this'll make it easy:

1. find awesome bright colored tee on clearance or cheap.
2. i washed and dried said tee.
3. i found a clip art of a huge peace sign on google images and printed it out.
4. i transfered that onto freezer paper, and exacto knifed out the design and set aside.
5. i choose to tie-dye with beach you can do whatever.
6. to get the design i have i twisted the tee real hard till it recoiled on itself and then rubberbanded it three times. here are some other effect ideas.
7. i then did half bleach half water and submerged for about an hour. the time will all depend on when you see the results you like.
8. i then rinsed the shirt in the wash machine still twisted. then un did and washed and dried.
9. now for the peace sign: i inserted a piece of cardboard under the front of the shirt.
10. you then iron your stencil on shiny side down (it has to be freezer paper) and it should be stuck pretty good.
11. then with fabric paint, i dabbed the paint on to give it a more 'rustic' look.
12. when it is dry, you peel off freezer paper stencil.
13. flip inside out and warm iron the back of the painted design to set in paint.
14. and, voila!
and, since i started this post two days ago. i have gone totally nuts-even dreaming of an etsy shop to sell these babies in (well not these, these are reserved for the kiddlets. but ones a like).
here is another tutorial, and check out the flickr group they mention for inspirations.

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What I Did Today said...

These are awesome!! I need to find me an awesome tutorial for the freezer paper thing.

jill said...

i LOVE them! soo creative. and they look expensive! my niece went to see johnny cupcake when he was here a few months ago and spent forty bucks on a plain white tee! awesomesauce! i want to make some for corbin!

rachel said...

these are very cute. I'm so not a fan of traditional multi-colored tie-dye, but I like these ones. Nice work!