Saturday, August 14, 2010

the scariest moment of my life. ok, i've said that before-but really this time.

what they don't tell you in the instruction manual that they don't send home with your brand new and shiny baby.

she might hold her breath and pass out. and this is totally normal.

wait, wha?

a few days back, i was naptime blog perusing and found that dear baby was having open auditions to be a guest blogger while they were on vacation. i instantly started thinking about what i could talk about-what i could share with you that you didn't already know (cause i am usually the last to know everything).
she was asking for mothers (and fathers) to share some insight, a story, or opinions. there is only one thing i felt i could really give insight on-that if you didn't know this already, you might save you from a heart in your throat and a 911 call. (i never ended up 'trying out' for a guest spot.)

i still thought you should know:

right after rowan had turned one we were visiting my best friend at work-this was a normal event for us. we visit, zoe begs to be a employee and spends the time cleaning windows and display cases, and rowan runs around and destroys the store.

however,this time ended totally different-on a jaunt around the store rowan had hit where linoleum meets carpet and tripped over the little strip of rubber they put in between. i immediately looked back to make sure no bones had broken through and there was no blood gushing anywhere-there wasn't. but what i hadn't figure out yet was things were not right.

rowan (still on the floor) had her mouth open in a scream and was tossing her head around like in a scream-but nothing was coming out. i instantly giggled and muttered, 'drama queen' i mean...hello, i know you have been here too-i think all kids do it. but, no sooner had i spoke her head dropped to the ground...she was limp.

(here is where my heart left it's rightful place and entered my throat)

i ran to her instantly and scooped her up-her eyes fluttered a little and for a half second thought she was fine-but then again, why was she totally limp in my arms with her head flopped to the side.

i looked at lindsay. i didn't even have to say the words, i think my face did it for me. she was already on the phone with 9-1-1.

it is kind of a whirlwind from here. i know i could hear lindsay describing the incident and repeating directions for me to hold her down on the floor (don't ask why, but we thought she hurt her neck. it might have been how her head was flopping around) and to stay calm. i remember her giving them the address. rowan had her eyes half open at this point and had started sobbing. my heart was pounding.

after the medics arrived, they checked her out and at this point she was up and moving with a half smile then as soon as the medics took out the stuffed animals they had with them it was all over-the old row was back.

so here is what happened. she had fainted from a 'holding breath spell' which, hello melissa are totally common and you should have known about them. this was reconfirmed for me when i took her into the pediatrician the next day just to be sure she was ok.

i felt stupid, both the paramedic and her doctor spoke about it like i was literally the last person on the planet to know that a lot of kids do this and it is normal. it happens and then you get over it.

so, blah blah blah-i guess i am sharing this story with case you didn't know. 

the bad news is, that she still does it. her doctor had mentioned it might happen a couple more times and then she'll grow out of it. so, i give up-my two year old is just really over dramatic.

the good news is, that we discovered a trick to pull her out of the holding pattern-we blow in her face or up  (not in) her nose real hard and forceful. this is a tool that could help you too-another one if you can have it handy is the use of a spray bottle and water.


alicia said...

Totally scary. I know. Mine never passed out though. But I was always blowing on them to get them to breathe. I agree someone should send them home with a warning or something.

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

That is soo scary I would probably freak out way more than you did! Thanks for writing this because I had no idea that babies did that either and I would have called 911 too. You are such a good mommy.

Unknown said...

I would have done the same thing...never had I heard of this before, thanks for, and I have a drama queen for sure, thanks for the warning, if she ever pulls it!

Jess Craig said...

my sister used to do this same thing when we were little!

Joni said...

Funny you mentioned that. I have a draft waiting to be posted that I did about a trip to the museum last week where my three year old, passed out at the museum. Her and her sis got into a little scuffle. There was a push and a shove and a pinch and a pull and when I finally broke it up, and while I thought she was just being quiet as she got back into her stroller, she was actually screaming with no sound...the kind where she should be taking a breath but isn't and there is no sound. I looked down to see what she was doing and I noticed that she was actually screaming and that her lips were blue, then...Boom! She passed out and fell in the floor of the museum. Scared the poop out of me! I scooped her up and shook her and she took a deep breath. She used to do it all the time as an infant and the dr. said it was normal for some children to do that, but no less terrifying to witness. It has been a couple of years since it last happened and completely unexpected. I totally understand how you feel!

Linkie Lueville said...

OMG! Reading this brought back all the frantic terrified fear from that night. that gave me chills.

Taylor said...

um, i had NO IDEA. so thank you! and i probably would have freaked out too. chloe is a total drama queen so i'm sure this will happen eventually.

Bethany said...

thank you so much for posting this! i had heard about them, but now know what to do in case i ever witness it.

Emily said...

I've never ever heard of that. And I am glad I know because I would have lost my shit. I still don't know what to do if a kid chokes and I have 3! Jesus- I need a class stat!