Thursday, August 5, 2010

they asked. i answered.

If you had boys what would you have named them?
maximus (but only if his middle could be power), miloh, and mini tim

Where did you come up with your girls names?

with zoella 'zoe', i bought a book and zoe was the first name i came too and it was perfect, but it needed a whole first name so we made up zoella (which is now in the baby name book-those stealers). she was almost penny, but that was when i was sure i was having a boy it changed the day we found out i wasn't. rowan i snagged from brooke shields-she can get over it. it fits her perfect now, but when she first came out i started balling because i didn't think the name was right for-then i got over it. stella, was my idea (yea, after watching tori and dean like it was going outta style) and tim instantly loved it. it was the only girl name we ever discussed. together with her middle name 'jolie' it roughly translates into pretty star.
and that's the WHOLE story ;)

If you could have dinner with any famous person who would it be? 

maynard james keenan from tool. we'd eat robert pattinson for dinner. two with one stone.
all the while maynard would be serenading me.

favorite food?
chocolate. no lie.

favorite clothing brand?

volcom. it's an obsession.

do you wear stretchy pants like i do all day long?

if by stretchy pants you mean sweatpants. then yes.

do you think they should legalize marijuana? 

absolutely. tim seconds that.
(did i just say that?)
and just to clarify, i do not smoke. no joke.

When are you moving to Portland?
seriously. it is on the list of possibilities. we don't feel any super big attachment to any one place. we're trying to be go. see. do. then alaska is on the list too. or maybe minnesota someday. who knows.

How long have you and your "whore butt" been friends?
since feb. 2006-i knew her baby daddy first and one day he brought her over and bam. the rest is history.

How old are you?
i will be 26 on nov. 7th

What is your favorite vacation location?
anywhere california. anytime i come back from there i spend the next seven days trying to figure out a way to move us all there.

Who inspires you the most?

my kids.

What is your favorite beverage?

passion tea lemon-aid.



everlong by foo fighters. makes my heart drool.

Do you like to dance? If so- what style?
i do, but i don't. that would be scary.

Are you going to have any more kids?
probably not. but no one is getting fixed yet.

momma zen:
What are your favorite books?
easy. twilight.

What store is your favorite to shop for clothing?

target. lame? no.

What type of photo editing software do you use? Version? etc.

PS3 and lightroom. i also LOVE picnik online-they have a free and pay version and a TON to offer.

If you had boys what names would you choose? 

see up top.

any more questions? come on, this your only chance in on this open book.


lydia. said...

so this is kind of weird...
but i got a new puppy tonight.
and he's perfect, except for one thing:
i can't decide on a name.
and when i saw "miloh" on your name list.
i was like "THATS PERFECT."
would it be weird if I stole that for my dog? :)

Linkie Lueville said...

BAM! The rest is history. love ya hoe face! And um, I forgot to type up the TMMaPC tonight. Text me at like 5:45 to remind me. K? Thanks.

Stormy Seaworthy said...

Oooh, thanks for the linky to picnik. I will check that out.