Monday, August 2, 2010

torchlight parade.

saturday we headed out to a seattle staple seafair event and watched the torchlight parade.
we left a little later than planned but were still able to snag some good up front seats (not without some drama though-but we won't get into that. let me just say that i am pretty sure that you can't reserve spots on the public street especially when you already have 74 chairs taking up the sidewalk and no one even manning them and not a single thing indicating you were also claiming the huge space of street too. thanks.)
we watched all the runners come through first, it was hilarious to watch the group progressively get slower, older, way younger, and then to see the walkers saunter through. i could have done without the old guy in the tarzan suit with his butt hanging out though.
the parade was a little weird and is it just me or are these kind of things totally being taken over by horribly coordinated drill teams in desperate need of updated costumes?
but the kids had a rockin' time and that is all that matters.
zoe got to pet the seahawks live osprey and got a coin from the seafair pirates right after they deafened us with their cannon.
oh, and stella slept through a whole marching band and some sirens.


Jess Craig said...

okay, that second shot is BOMB.

lydia. said...

all of your girls are such little beauties!


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Oh, smooshy Stella! Cute freakin' family.

Yellow House said...

Gorgeous photos! I have never been to the Torchlight Parade... maybe next year!