Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cloth diapering 101: where we are now.

my version of cloth on the line, ha.

today while i was stuffing and folding away my clean stash of cloth diapers-i realized i hadn't blogged about our cloth diapering adventures in awhile. long story short, i am thinking...'cloth diapers, where have you been all my life?'

i'll be real honest with you (and tim, ha) i really really really knew that i wanted to try cloth diapering but i was sure i was going to hate it. so as i hit send on the purchase button, $180 later-i was having a little diapered baby butt anxiety. regardless, i was going to give it a good college try and make sure i used them for as long as it would take for the cost to equal out what we would have spent on sposies.

three months later-i love it, i mean really really love it. it actually pains me when i end up having to put a disposable on her-which only happens when she goes to a sitter or like last week when she got an out of hand yeast infection and it was a last result. i was actually thinking a few weeks ago when i was watching my little nephew-that i do not miss having to run a poop diaper out to the outside garbage now i just rinse and throw in the bucket and we have yet to have any smell issues as far as the pail goes.

what we're using: right now we are using about four different types/ brands of diapers. bum genius os, flips with inserts, flips with prefolds, fuzzibunz os and sized. each one is great for a different situation or all the same. i feel at this point i can stop wasting my money trying them all and settle on just a couple of these to get us through till potty training.

at night we usually like a flip with and insert plus a tri folded prefold on top. or our second fav is to just use two inserts or an insert plus doubler in a fb or bg. we have a heavy night wetter, but either of these combinations get her through the night and until after her morning nap and even then when i finally pull her diaper off her bum is dry. seriously.

flips were the best choice starting out because the are great and come at a very affordable price. you can do a flip pack and six inserts for only $50 and that is a whole day of diapering for most people.

we also, buy most all of our diapers from and they have great deals and customer service!

we have also chosen to switch to cloth wipes for the most part. i got a ton of soft flannel and cut into squares and then zig zag stitched around the outside or pick up baby wash cloths on clearance when we come across them. then i keep a spray bottle of this solution next to our changing station:
2 tbsp of gentle all natural baby wash
2 tbsp of olive oil
2 cups of water
2 drops of tea tree oil (this is a really great anti fungal way to cut down yeast problems, and it smells good)

what works for us on a budget living in a apartment: i have a five gallon bucket with a pail liner or a dry pail set up. stella just started on solids so we are just now venturing into 'can't just throw the poo diapers in the pail the way they are' territory and have started looking into a diaper sprayer or other alternative de-pooing methods. we looked into making our own diaper sprayer at half the cost but became discouraged when we learned that the out dated wall valves would need to be replaced sending the cost over what one on amazon would put us out. but if your interested in that-and it is a very cool cost effective idea this is the diy instructions that we took to home depot to get started: for now i just wipe off with a wipe and flush.

when you start researching cloth diapering, you'll hear a lot about 'sunning' diapers for many different reasons. to whiten, to sanitize, to preserve the life of a diaper, and etc. well, if you live in an apartment like us then you probably are thinking that isn't an option for you...WRONG, i sun in my window sills-i lay a towel down to protect the sill and then lay the diaper on that and without fail every time i get the same desired results as someone line drying in the country.

i'll be the first to admit that i bought my first couple of diapers on craigslist and at a garage sale-i got a few gdiapers, two fancy smancy fitted's, and a aio all for around $30. recently i have found many other ways to buy good quality used diapers and one is through they have gently used diapers of all types and even offer free shipping! same with who offer what they call 'seconds' and is still a great affordable way to start out or add to your stash. i have found with any of these type of sites, that you have to look all the time to find what you want because the product is constantly changing. one more thing on this subject, if you have the extra time to be constantly searching the cloth diapering interwebs then you can usually find clearanced out diapers for a good deal-when bg launched their new 4.0 all the 3.0's went cheap i just went from site to site grabbing amazing deals on the colors i wanted. it was actually kind of fun ;)

what we're changing: as stella becomes mobile, and i mean my not even six month old yet is almost crawling-i am noticing that our flips plus insert (which previously were a fav) are not staying put the way i'd like. the insert wiggles and moves around the in cover providing lots of leaky opportunities. i am still gaga over the stye of the flip cover though-so what we are going to do is purchase more prefolds to replace inserts and start folding old school and securing with a snappi. that way our flips won't be wasted and we can move towards an even more cost effective way to cloth diapers. cause, using prefolds will almost always be the least expensive.

i still love my fuzzibunz and bumgenius pockets over everything else, but at $18-$19 a diaper it can get a little pricey to keep your little one outfitted without having to wash too much-and right now i only have enough of those to keep us good for about two days without washing and then if i am using only those they will not last as long due to the constant laundering of them.

i recently hosted a diaper party put on by a gal that i found on craigslist-it was a really cool experience and i am only wishing i knew about her when i first started out! she brought all the big brand diapers and had them out so that we could pass them around, try them on our babies, and ask any question we had about their difference. buying online is great and all, but when your starting out it is so hard to tell what will work or fit for you and this was a great opportunity to do just that. i had friends and people i didn't know come and they all left really excited about cloth diapering-i even earned myself some free products! i would suggest asking around to see if anything like this is offered in your area! i know in the seattle and major california areas that it is also offered at many of the mom and baby/ birthing stores and is usually called cloth diapering 101.

i'll admit that i had become a little cloth diaper crazy, ha. three months later it has settled down a lot and i now spend minimal time drooling over what diaper i will buy next (you know you all did it at first too). i have even become quite the cd'ing advocate to my friends-i think it is such an amazing experience that i am willing to do the research and let them know what i think will work best for them and even pulled together what would be the best packages and sites to order from for one friend.

immediately i noticed the difference in trash that we were taking out-i never expected to see such an impact right away. it is also so nice not having to scramble to get a hold of tim for a diaper pick up when we suddenly run out. the extra laundry is not a big deal at all, at first i think i washed a little too much-the thought of poo sitting on my diapers for more than five minutes killed me and i would run a wash with two diapers. thank god, i got over that and will usually wait the normal two to three days. (unless, it is a situation where it is really bad and i would throw it in and run a rinse real quick then throw in the pail. remember, until recently it was all breast milk poo and it is ok to go straight to washer with that).

cloth diapering in the end was the right choice for our family-my boyfriend is even becoming savvy in it and my kids beg for their dolls to wear them as well (do i sense future cloth diapering mommies here?). after a week or two of really sticking with it, it became second nature just like changing a disposable. but we are being more green and doing out part not adding nasty bodily fluids (did you know that it is actually illegal to throw poo away? some diaper packages even state that even with disposables the waste is supposed to be flushed) and waste to the landfills. i am always happy to answer any questions or you may notice from time to time i need advice myself. i am so happy that i have some ah-mazing followers that are willing to lend their trials, triumphs and errors that they have cd'ing with me. thanks guys!

so, next up will be how we are liking using more prefolds plus covers (the old school way)!


Nikki said...

This is great info! I've always said I'm doing cloth when I have babies. I know everyone has their reasons why not to, but I feel like it's mostly laziness.