Thursday, September 2, 2010

dammit all to hell.

i guess this is a post where i tell you that i am going to take a little hiatus to emotionally recuperate and collect myself  my 'electronic' life. i am writing to you from tim's computer while mine cowards in the corner. dead.
yes, it crashed. again-and, again i lost everything. i know there are things that can be done to recover my hard drive-but i am not hopeful, this happened to be a while ago and i lost EVERYTHING. linkie luevilles computer genius friend attempted to pull the files with no luck. seriously.
luckily, because my computer had been acting funny i backed a lot of stuff up just the other day so all i lost photo wise was edited photos from about 2 days (i still have the originals) but now i have no lightroom or ps3 because i can't find the discs. dammit.
i am counting down the minutes till best buy opens and i can talk to them about getting my hard drive in for a transfer of files. gawd-all i need is my edits folder, my google chrome user files (bookmarks-a lot of them), and maybe some ps3 brushes and fonts. oh! and stella's dedication invite since that should have gone out a while ago. dammit.

on a happier note-i can't wait to meet some bloggy friends for the first time tomorrow. and chelsey, i will totally be fighting you for henry as a future husband for stella. that is if you think you've already called dibs on him for ruari :)

and, cause my blog has been photo challenged lately:


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. My old computer crashed 2 times! And both times I lost soo much. Ah, I hope you can recover everything.
PS... Bennett would make a good hubby one day I bet. I wonder if he and Stella will hit it off? :-)

rachel said...

so sorry to hear about your computer, melissa. that kind of stuff stresses. me. out.
and ps. i might be crashing your bloggy friend party tomorrow. i'd love to meet you!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Oh man, you're scaring me! I haven't backed up my photos for 2 months... I really need to. There's about 5.2 million photos from these last 2 months.

I'm so excited for tomorrow! I can't WAIT. In fact, I'm already driving up there right now. Ok, no I'm not.

Hmmmm... I just realized I need to figure out some pumping issues.... Hand pump doesn't do the duty.

Dora said...

Oh my so terrible.That was a bummer.Next time Melissa do not forget to backup all your vital files.You can have an alternative backup any where but i advice you to use online backups.Now days they are so much but the choice is always to the person using it to choose what is best for him or her.I personally use an online backup called
Safecopy backup.Here my files are secure and if my hard drive crashes am on a safe side.Safecopy also keeps deleted files forever so the recovery process is just by a few clicks and your data or files are back.

melissa rohr said...

thanks for the advice! yea, my uncle said something along the same lines so i will def be looking into that-my photos and such are far to precious to have this keep happening to them!

Anonymous said...

Oh that stinks!!
Computer issues a re the pits!!
Your picture on the other hand is pretty amazing, the expression in her eyes is priceless!