Sunday, September 5, 2010

fall, is that you?

hard drive is fixed. lightroom 3 is installed. photos will be flowing like water.

yesterday marked a very important time of year-with the opening of huskie season. the girls were so decked out they were practically bleeding yellow and gold. go huskies! oh, and did i mention the purple margaritas? (ps, i made stel's onesie-thinking about offering college football ones in my etsy. what do you think?)


rachel said...

adorable girls, adorable onesie. Go DAWGS!

Joy said...

that's an awesome idea to make college football one-sies!! too bad you can't sell nfl onesies too!

Amy Nielson said...

oh no, you're a husky!

i'm a coug... i'm gonna have to re-think my following of your blog now.

i'll leave this link to my little man in his coug gear & we can call it good.

Jennifer K said...

My mom and sister are huskies! I'm a new follower from Tuesday Tag Along. I love the onsie!

jill said...

tooooo cute! i want to be creative so i can make corbin a cute shirt! we just ordered corbin the shirt that says, "start em young. raise em right" with the husky logo on it! im so jealous ryan got season tickets this year with his dad for his birthday! ugh!