Thursday, September 23, 2010

it's not too late for you to start cloth diapering. i promise:guest blogger.

as the rushing begins to get to class on time-with everything i and the kids need for my second day, i am feeling totally crazy. awhile ago i had ordered a clearance'd bumgenius 3.0 and received some amazing customer service from the website i contacted them right away to let them know how impressed i was and that i would love to share any information they could give on cloth diapering. can you tell i am on a mission here? ha. so take in as much or as little as you want, but i promise that cloth diapering isn't nearly as hard as your thinking and it really does save a TON of money and garbage. enjoy...

Is it too late to start cloth diapering?
Even if your baby is now a new toddler, it’s not too late to start cloth diapering. You’ll still save money because most kids don’t potty train until around 2-3 years old. And you’ll save during that time too!
I didn’t learn about cloth diapering until my first was 9 months old. After I learned about what is in disposable diapers.  I bought some prefolds and covers and started to cloth diaper her. Right away, I liked that she was in soft cloth, instead of plastic all day long. I liked how natural it felt, how affordable it was, and how, surprisingly, much fun I was having cloth diapering her. And I loved that I wasn’t covering her with dioxin, a highly-toxic carcinogen that is in disposable diapers.  I switched from using disposable diapers full time to using prefolds and covers. We even lived in an apartment complex that had a shared coin operated laundry machine. And the machine was in the dungeon (aka the basement of our vintage apartment building). But, we managed and we did it and it was the best decision ever.
So,  if you’ve been considering cloth diapers, let’s talk about you and your toddler and what you’d need to switch over.
Toddlers don’t need diaper changes as often as new babies do. That means you only need 6-8 diapers a day for your toddler. If you want to wash every 2 days (that’s usually what you aim for) then you’d need 12-16 diapers. In my experience with cloth diapering toddlers, the quicker the diaper gets changed, the better. So, pockets, all in ones or hybrid diapers work best if you have a wiggly baby that doesn’t like diaper changes. Doing a mix of cloth diapers to see what you like best is always a good idea.
In addition to your diapers, you’ll need something to put them in after a diaper change. That’s when a wetbag (used when out and about) and your diaper pail come in. Go for reusable diaper pail liners and wetbags so you can then wash them with your diapers and continue using them again once washed and dried.
And then finally, you’ll need a good cloth diapering detergent, like Rockin Green, and cloth wipes (optional, but do clean much much better than disposable wipes).
Poopy – what do about the not so cute toddler poopy?  Toddler poopy can get messy. That’s why I like using cloth wipes because they clean much better than disposable. And I will sometimes also use flushable liners for easier poopy clean up. Do you need a diaper sprayer? Well, you’ll appreciate having one when your toddler poops, but you can also simply swish the poopy part of the diaper in your toilet bowl and then put it in your diaper pail.  And for pee pee diapers, you just put it in your diaper pail.
Don’t save cloth diapering for the  “next baby”. I know I would’ve missed so much had I don’t that with my 9 mos old. I’m so glad I took the plunge and I encourage you to do the same. Lots of cloth diapering time is ahead – enjoy!
Written by Giselle Baturay, mama to three cloth diapered kids and owner of Granola Babies.


Alisha said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The starfish was very spontaneous and I love how it turned out. I have been out of the blogger-verse lately. I see you completely changed yours up. I love it!  As always little Miss Stella is a darling!

What I Did Today said...

Great post! I couldn't agree more! I started cloth diapering my toddler because I had tried everything else to get rid of the severe eczema she had in her diaper area. Along with some dietary changes, problem solved!