Saturday, October 30, 2010

the kind of days i live for.

chilly weather, family, crock pot chili, homemade apple cider, family, caramel apple making, harry potter, babies in cute costumes, old and new friends, and finishing off the night watching gremlins all snuggled on the couch.
i didn't even take any photos-and i am ok with that.
(no fear, tomorrow will come with plenty to make up for it!)

my zoe love.

Friday, October 29, 2010

oh man, priceless!

there is not a little girl on the planet that we would have rather passed this cute little costume on to and she pretty much rocks it, right?
ruari from the paper mama

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

want a wee bit of me this wednesday?

{one} have you ever seen a ghost?
yes, both tim and i see one constantly running into stella's room. 

{two} when was the last time you dressed up for halloween?
oh mam, years ago-and all it was, was some angle wings with a cute new outfit from urban outfitters (hey, i would have rather spent the money on new clothes!)

{three} what’s your favorite candy?
all of it.

{four} did you have a favorite costume growing up?
a super cozy fuzzy tiger costume that my mom made me, i was it at least 3 times.

{five} did you carve pumpkins this year?
yes, but it almost didn't happen. I carved an 'r' for my future last name and zoe did a crazy classic face on hers.

{six} what’s your favorite scary movie?
the exorcist.

{seven} haunted houses or corn mazes?
either or.

{eight} are you superstitious?
i would like to think that i am not. but, sometimes i find myself acting that way.

{nine} have you ever owned a black cat?
yup, abbey road. we got her in october one year.

{ten} what are you plans for this coming halloween?
to take the girls to some different halloween play-dates, trick-or-treating at the mall, dressing up for church, and maybe a little festival in seattle.

wordish wednesday

thirty-eight weeks pregnant with rowan. can you believe how big i was?! the crazy part is even with her being born at 10lbs 5oz i only gained 28lbs. and yet here i was, as big as a house!

Monday, October 25, 2010

blogging is like for mommies!

first of all, that man right down there-he is amazing. he stayed home with our three girls + lindsay's 20 month old daughter, just so we could go to our bloggy meetup. talk about estrogen invasion! 
i love love these get togethers, we all instantly hit it off and act as if we're all old friends. granted i met a few of these gals last month at our baby bloggy party but even meeting the new gals this time was no different.
we started off the night at rock bottom brewery with an order of just about every $5 appetizer on the menu and a yummy huge beer!
after some great convo and loud enough for the table next to us to hear breastfeeding talk (hehe) we took some fun glam photos outside.
we finished off the night at the frozen yogurt place ce fiore, where it was just us and we could be loud, laugh and have fun. 
we all agreed that this needs to become a every other month at least thing-i can't wait!

happy halloween: you print dress up dolls!

jill from the chronicals of corbin pointed this out to me (isn't she great? she totally knows me!). These are downloadable, you print paper dolls for your little one and the best part, it's for free*

*you will need a account, it is a super low price or you can download for free if you in turn upload something to share on the network. i.e. a pdf pattern.

sneak peek, just to leave you dyeing for more.

bloggy girls night out...

i heart faces: pink

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the papermama photo challenge: black and white.

was this one super hard for anyone else? i have at least 25 thousand black and white photos (i am a little partial to it). i just love the way that babies or my kids in their most candid moments look in some high exposed and contrasting b&w. this is my little stella bear only a few weeks old. swoon.

The Paper Mama

i stepped out, and it was awesome!

I stepped out for the first time in awhile! it was so fun to meet up again with some of my favorite local bloggers. best girls night out ever-but that deserves it's own post.
top, target
converse jeans, target
flats, urban outfitters
head band, made by me from hi, baby store

dress, thrifted ralph lauren
carter's onsie

Friday, October 22, 2010

stella, seven months!

hi baby,
stella j. you never cease to amaze daddy and me, each day you learn something new.
you have two teeth and can crawl army style all over the house. you are such a little chunk, but in the cutest most i want to put your chubby little thighs in a pita pockets and nom then sort of way. at six months you weighed 19lbs almost even...who knows where you are at now.
you're still 100% breastfed and they way things are going mommy is feeling more and more confident that we will make it to a year or more!
your favorite thing is baby parties with ellie-you guys are starting to interact a little and it is so fun to watch! especially when you both want the same toy. speaking of toys, you love to hold balls, nom on colored plastic donuts, snuggle with dino (even though he sticks to high heaven like baby spit and etc.), crinkle left over wipes bags, and sneak into rowan's room to play with the little people.
yesterday i found you sitting up all on your own-that is not how i had left you, so super excited i started clapping and scared the crap out of you. i haven't seen you do it again yet, but i bet you'll be a pro at it soon!
you've decided that night sleeping needs to be done in pieces-you'll wake a few times and sing (loudly) and then drift back to sleep. we're ok with this, it is pretty ah-dorable.
you eat solids like a champ, well sorta-you still shiver when you eat anything with a real texture but you still eat it. silly girl. and now you are drinking from a sippy cup!
this next week is your first halloween and you'll be a bug-just like your sisters. i can't wait to get some photos of you three.
we love you baby girl and are enjoyign watching you turn into a little human. till next month...
m + d

Thursday, October 21, 2010

pumpkin patch.

we almost totally called it off this year-rowan showed no interest and i never like having to pay a huge fee to muck around in the mud. then i had the realization, that so far all my daughters had been to some patch or another for their first halloween. so it was a must that we take stella!
we found a free one via and headed out after tim got home. the latest and stormy clouds rained on our trip a little and i didn't get the photos that i dream of. but it was fun and rowan had a blast on their tire swing. this patch had some HUGE pumpkins too, like all of them were HUGE. and i thought it was a bad year for pumpkins.
it was important to get a pick of her up against a pumpkin for a comparisson shot. weirdo was scared of the pumpkin, she would cry anytime tim put her near one. ha.
we picked a orange but mostly green one-i think it has more character. i can't wait to see what tim and zoe come up with for it's design!
before we get to my photos, check out these awesome diy textured pumpkins from younghouselove.compuffy paint pumpkins.

baby bloggy booking for stella j.

it is a was a normal day in our household where stellla army crawled into her sister's bedroom to get into the little people bins. i was busy baking some cookies for the man when i decided to peek in on her. there she was, sitting up-she had gotten into that position all on her own. this is pretty exciting people!
then i scared the crap out of her (she had her back to me) by clapping and shouting yea stelly, go me.

the paper mama photo challenge: fall.

hello, i love fall. there is no question about that. the colors, the pumpkins, the food, the smells....yum.
this is from one of my all time favortie trips to the pumpkin patch-i really scored some great photos and memories with my two older girls. these kind of photos are my favorite of zoe, totally in her natural state.

The Paper Mama

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

here's those teeth that terrorized us for a day.

i mean i don't want to toot my own mommy horn here, but 'toot'.
we had pretty much no teething symptoms whatsoever. the day before the first reared it's head, she had just started pulling on her ears a lot with more crying that normal (and if you know stella you know she almost never cries). with her six month check up scheduled for the next day i figured we'd be getting sent home with some antibiotics for an ear infection (the pulling). the pied, asked if we had any teeth yet and i explained no and how i thought that was weird (her sister's did by now). a few minutes later the pied was looking in stella's mouth and with a funny look shot at me, she exclaimed, 'she has a tooth!'
i couldn't believe we had totally missed it coming in, it was kinda a slap on the forehead moment though that totally explained the weirdness the day before. the second one came a few days later with the same amount of ear pulling and fussiness.

(i am probably going to eat my blogging word, when it is time for the next tooth-it'll probably be a nightmare. just cause i wrote this #yup)

melt muh heart.

dear God,
thank you for this perfect smooshie little baby. who will be seven months old on friday. that's nuts.
love, me

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

why, hello fall.

the weather has been to gorgeous out not to take advantage of a fall walk. we loaded up the kiddos and headed to the grocery store in search of the perfect soup to go with our totasted cheese sandwhichs that i have been craving. our apartments are pretty much a colorful tree filled wonderland with all the maples turning that yummy fiery red. um, i love fall...
rowan had to stop and her chalk artwork from yesterday-i scored a 3-d chalk set for $2 on clearance and target the other day-it really does work too when you have layers of colors like this. she just posed like this all on her own, how could i not steal a shot?! (i took all these photos using fx cam on toycam mode, via android service)
if only you could see how beautiful this tree is! it is in full view out of stella's window and when the sun is setting through it, it turns her whole room and the hallway pink. swoon.
off on our walk on this beautiful fall day. i got in trouble for being on my phone ;)

a letter to my pregnant self.

dear melissa,
i need you to brace yourself for a second, what i am about to tell you will shake your whole perspective upside down. you already know that you are going to love that baby to the end of the earth and back. you have already put aside any worry about your ability to love a third; those anxieties left when number two made your heart ache in the most wonderful way as it grew to fit her just right. this time-your ability to mother, your ability to love, to spread yourself out, to be patient will surprise you to the core. love will be bursting in every crevice of your being.
be patient, she will come when she is ready. who are we kidding...have you met you, you're the most impatient person ever. do what you need to do to make yourself think she'll come sooner. push on your ankle pressure points till you cry, who knows maybe it helps? organize and reorganize the same drawer thirty seven times. and tim will get over the fact that the bassinet is already set up three months before her arrival. it's about you right now.
don't worry that you already failed at breastfeeding didn't work out twice. you did what you needed to do in each situation and look your 100% formula fed daughter is measuring at genius levels and is hardly ever sick. just think though, three times later you are armed with a lot of trial and error and along the way have picked up a little more skill each time. this time will be flawless, i promise.
what i am going to tell you now may make you question me, but i need you to look in the eye and tell it to, "eff off". seriously. it will make you crazy-it makes me crazy. all the sad stories, all the mixed information-bad information, worst case scenarios. dammit, just do what you feel is right for you and her.
most importantly, balance is the key. rowan will think your time with her is less because you nurse and change stella. a lot. even though it really is not the case-you might need to go above and beyond from time to time to prove that to her.
One of the best parts of stella will be watching her and tim grow together-warning, when he randomly states how adorable she is-your heart...will literally melt there right on the spot. it's ok that she will laugh and smile for him more, i promise that there will be nothing like their relationship. a daddy's girl for sure.
so, get ready. your body is ready for this. i mean number three right? she should just walk out.
ps, don't pay any attention to dr. p-he is going to be a jerk during labor. this is up to you and your body, let's bring this baby here!

Monday, October 18, 2010

twenty six, by twenty six-who are we kidding here.

whoa, i had totally forgotten about this post-and here we are less that a month till my birthday. 21 days to be exact. and i barely have half of this list done, and some things darn right just passed me by and i can't make them up. boo.
so here is my progress so far, who knows maybe i can knock a few more off before the big day. you know, where i turn 25 again.
1. conquer cloth diapering. and come out on the other end tearless.
2. find a job i like, not that i put up with. i am going to school instead-tomato, tamato.
3. cook a whole meal without tim's help.
4. organize my craft closet. like REALLY organize it.
5. learn how to use my camera on something other than auto. sorta.
6. actually take photos with new found skills.
7. continue to not eat candy. so far so good (started about a month ago) well, i originally failed at this but i am back on the bandwagon.
8. ska-weeeeze back into my sevens. wait, screw that-i want them to fit like they used to! well, i squeezed, we'll just go ahead and count it anyway. it hurt though.
9. still have a 100% breastfeed baby. even if she is getting it from a bottle. still 100%! and almost never from a bottle!
10. get a table for my sewing machine...set it up...leave it out...and sew/craft at least once a month.
11. plant tomatoes on the patio. and maybe strawberries for next year. we did herbs instead and they are nom.
12. hike with stella.
13. see TOOL for a third time. (this one might not happen, but i can dream right?)
14. get our passports, ugh...i heard five should cost around $1,000, awesome.
15. refinish our dresser. i hope tim will let me paint it robin's egg blue.
16. start a baby party play group we have baby party mondays with amanda and ellie.
17. teach rowan her colors, i mean hello...everything is not really 'a blue one' she now recognizes that there is a pink a yellow and gets it right half the time.
18. join the gym, and go regularly.
19. (finish this list)
20. get a stripper pole, yup...i said it. it is a really good workout!
21. make it to forks, and not feel embarrassed by the weird looks from tim when i pull out 'flat edward' (not unlike a flat stanley) and take pictures of him in front of stuff.
22. write a few real letters. not emails.
23. teach stella at least the 3-4 baby signs rowan was able to master. maybe more?!
24. still be blogging with the passion that i have now. i know it is easy to lose. i am mostly lieing on this one.
25. find us an affordable rental house.
26. take my handsome man on a drive trip to socal for our birthday, like we wanted to do this last year.

let's see where we are in 21 days! do you have a list? link it in a comment, i would love to see your progress!