Tuesday, October 12, 2010

as my blogger block continues...

i'm not making excuses, don't get me wrong-this is my blog and i'll do with it what i want. that being said, i love my followers and wish i could write ten posts a day like i used to but i can't. this blog is my creative outlet and i am feeling creatively drained. or drained period.
i could whine about how balancing school and life is hard. but who wants to hear that?
i tried to write a letter to my pregnant self, that sits in my drat folder for now.
i don't really have any new photos-we haven't really been up to much and i got a new computer and lightroom hasn't made the transition yet.
so, in the meantime...some oldies:


Hilly said...

where did u get Row's whitch costume? i want it!