Saturday, October 30, 2010

the kind of days i live for.

chilly weather, family, crock pot chili, homemade apple cider, family, caramel apple making, harry potter, babies in cute costumes, old and new friends, and finishing off the night watching gremlins all snuggled on the couch.
i didn't even take any photos-and i am ok with that.
(no fear, tomorrow will come with plenty to make up for it!)


Joni said...

sounds wonderful!

jill said...

what an awesome day! sounds perfect!

Amy Nielson said...

i, too, {LOVE} these days & this time of year. we live in such a great place for this season, don't we??

1. love your zoe pictures.
2. I liked your fb page & i wanna make one now too.
3. i grabbed your new blog button, super cute.
4. i voted for ya! :)