Thursday, October 21, 2010

pumpkin patch.

we almost totally called it off this year-rowan showed no interest and i never like having to pay a huge fee to muck around in the mud. then i had the realization, that so far all my daughters had been to some patch or another for their first halloween. so it was a must that we take stella!
we found a free one via and headed out after tim got home. the latest and stormy clouds rained on our trip a little and i didn't get the photos that i dream of. but it was fun and rowan had a blast on their tire swing. this patch had some HUGE pumpkins too, like all of them were HUGE. and i thought it was a bad year for pumpkins.
it was important to get a pick of her up against a pumpkin for a comparisson shot. weirdo was scared of the pumpkin, she would cry anytime tim put her near one. ha.
we picked a orange but mostly green one-i think it has more character. i can't wait to see what tim and zoe come up with for it's design!
before we get to my photos, check out these awesome diy textured pumpkins from younghouselove.compuffy paint pumpkins.