Friday, October 8, 2010

school can eat my shorts.

(thanks mandy for the perfect title idea)

your looking at a certified college student - heavy expensive book back pack pains and all.
i am taking a full schedule this year, both so i can finish in a timely manner and so that i qualify for the maximum loans and aid. i wouldn't be able to be going to school if it weren't for that. i guess i would have to get a job instead. gulp.
i started out this journey wanting to do diagnostic ultrasound but as to be expected i am already waffling (isn't that what your supposed to do? waffle?) and am thinking radiology. i am really discouraged looking at the facts: only 15 out of 100 get into the ultrasound program and most of those are reapplies (meaning this is their second try getting in) and you have to have a 3.2 in all your pre-req's before even applying. with a video essay/application, eep. i know your thinking that a 3.2 doesn't sound hard...well, people it has been almost 9 years since i flipped a reciprocal and multiplied to divide a fraction. i mean can you tell me right now off the top of your head, do you remember how to find the ordered pair of a linear solution? do you see what i am up against?
so, obviously i am taking math (we won't even talk about which one. #it's low); medical terminology-which is really fun but A LOT of info to remember and the instructor is bat shit unorganized making it difficult to stay on top of things; and english 101-this class is hard for me and i would like to officially blame social networking for it-i never remember that i need to play grownup and use capitals where they are needed and i always want to write an essay like i blog. you know, with swearing, ranting, abbreviations and bad grammar.
the first day was weird-right away i decided it was just like grown up high school only you get there and there is no one waiting for you by the lunch tables ready to walk into class. i knew no one. luckily i was forced against my will to take a sort of orientation class to become acclimated as a student and to ask questions to get to know my school. thank god there was an option for an adult learners one-no thanks on the hoard of just graduated teenagers. (it's not like my math class isn't filled with infants though. who are loud and use their phones in class. wth.)
two of my three classes are online-which scares the hell out of me. melissa goes to college 1.0 with two online classes resulted in a wasted scholarship and fails in both classes. but in my defense i chose discussion heavy classes and drank a lot. this time around i chose english and med term. both so far are proving to be easy to manage and work on while home with the kidlets. i even got to write an essay for english using 'mommy' blogging as a topic. totally rad.
so...all that being said. i am so busy! i went from posting 27 times a day to once in a while and i hate it. i don't even have any good photos to show you.
but, there is another baby blog party happening soon that will def prove to be blog worthy ;)
so bear with me, and follow along on my journey through school. i wuld love to hear from you if you hae done something similar ans what worked juggling kids, life, and the books.


rachel said...

you go girl.
and love your new header.

Unknown said...

I know you can do this school thing!! It's hard, but it's worth it! It took Scott a while to get back into the swing of things (and he doesn't have to juggle kids while trying to do homework!)