Friday, October 22, 2010

stella, seven months!

hi baby,
stella j. you never cease to amaze daddy and me, each day you learn something new.
you have two teeth and can crawl army style all over the house. you are such a little chunk, but in the cutest most i want to put your chubby little thighs in a pita pockets and nom then sort of way. at six months you weighed 19lbs almost even...who knows where you are at now.
you're still 100% breastfed and they way things are going mommy is feeling more and more confident that we will make it to a year or more!
your favorite thing is baby parties with ellie-you guys are starting to interact a little and it is so fun to watch! especially when you both want the same toy. speaking of toys, you love to hold balls, nom on colored plastic donuts, snuggle with dino (even though he sticks to high heaven like baby spit and etc.), crinkle left over wipes bags, and sneak into rowan's room to play with the little people.
yesterday i found you sitting up all on your own-that is not how i had left you, so super excited i started clapping and scared the crap out of you. i haven't seen you do it again yet, but i bet you'll be a pro at it soon!
you've decided that night sleeping needs to be done in pieces-you'll wake a few times and sing (loudly) and then drift back to sleep. we're ok with this, it is pretty ah-dorable.
you eat solids like a champ, well sorta-you still shiver when you eat anything with a real texture but you still eat it. silly girl. and now you are drinking from a sippy cup!
this next week is your first halloween and you'll be a bug-just like your sisters. i can't wait to get some photos of you three.
we love you baby girl and are enjoyign watching you turn into a little human. till next month...
m + d


Joni said...

wow! her features are really starting to change. she looks more like a big girl and not so much like a tiny baby now. that color is gorgeous on her.

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

She is getting prettier and prettier! Lets plan the wedding. :)

That is awesome you are breastfeeding still!Keep it up!!

Unknown said...

Oh my word, these pictures are great!! I think Stella has changed a lot, even in the past month! And she looks huge in that chair now! Gorgeous little girl, she is! And, Ellie is proud to be Stella's baby friend :)

CourtneyKeb said...

She's a pretty little thing, indeed!

sara said...

Pie has that same shirt...was wearing it today in fact! Love the headband and love those little teeth!!

Amy Nielson said...

happy seven months stella! love all the pictures... love those curled little toes :)

LISA said...

hi! thanks for visiting my little blog!
you have a sweet family and i look forward to following your blog and watching little stella grow! love the photo of her feet =) ... and two teeth! our stinky is still all gums!
ps. especially love your motto:
"if you're still pooping in the tub, then you're probably not ready to be using lip gloss." -- hilarious! definitely going to share that with my friends =)

The Lungos said...

She is adorable!!

Ashley Elliott Photography said...

What a darling! Lucy is seven months old as of the thirteenth of this month, it is such a fun age! I love her headband, reminds me of a little cupcake swirl;)
ps- thanks for the photo love, I got Lucy's hat at the babygap, it even had some little owl mittens with it:)

Mariel Torres said...

look at those eyes! so stunning