Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween weekend, 44 photos coming your way.

we woke up early to get the girls all done up for our first stop on our awesome halloween weekend. mandy from a sorta fairytale invited us along with jill from chronicles of corbin to her monthly baby playdate.

it was a lot of fun-pretty much cute overload watching all the babies crawl around in their costumes! 
there was one other girl rowan's age, but zoe was the oldest-poor girl!
Photos via, a sorta fairytale - taken by mandy

as, i previously posted about...this was one of those days you just don't want to end! we had tim's sister, mom, and niece over to make caramel apples, eat home-made crock pot chili, and drink yummy warm apple cider. oh, and of course take photos of vivian and stella in their lady bug costumes (it was totally on accident that they were the same thing).

stella was only interested in eating viv's attenna and viv was over heating quickly in her costume so they didn't last long. i only wish i had gotten some photos of the caramel apple making-it was a fun craft.

later, after we wrapped up visiting with tim's family and some of his old friends who were in town showed up for a visit-soon we had a full house of loud dirty mouthed boys and some fun ladies. it was great seeing tim get some 'guy' time-he is always so surrounded by girls!
we woke up and the sun was shining so we headed out to the locks down in ballard-the girls had never been and now is prime time to see the salmon running up the fish ladder.

it was so fun! the sun was warm and the girls were on their best behavior the whole time (well, most of it. ha.) stella LOVED riding around in her new kelty kids carrier and was so giggly on daddy's back.
zoe was totally fascinated by how the locks worked and then seeing the salmon and hearing about why they need/ use the ladder.

we finished off the afternoon with burgers and rootbeer from dicks...yumm!

after nap time, it was time to get ready to go trick or treating at bellevue square mall! on the way, we stopped and snapped some photos at my favorite fence spot at our apartments and then we were on our way-running a little late tim chimed in with, 'why do we need to hurry? these girls need more candy like a whale needs a toothbrush.' what a werido. needless to say, we were about five minutes to late and almost all of the stores were already out of candy. lame.

so, we packed up and headed to church for evening service and the kids halloween activities.
it was such a great weekend, i didn't want it to end! in fact i am totally hating monday today, boo.


jill said...

that was really forty-four pictures!? such a fun weekend! love all these pics!!

Jess Craig said...

these are gorgeous pictures! i especially like the shots that look like one of your girls must of taken them? from down below? awesome!

Amy Nielson said...

so many cute pictures... like, cuteness overload. what a fun weekend! so stella makes the cutest lady bug ever, & tim & stella look so much alike it makes me laugh. i love it :)

4 Lettre Words said...

Tons of cute costumed kiddos in this post. (Love seeing another little pirate.) Looks like you guys were surrounded by fun!

Natalie said...

Whoa, holy mother of cuteness!! I was referring to Tim's friends, but the kiddos are stinkin' cute too. LOL j/k j/k...I LOVE Rowan's halloween costume! i could eat her legs.